Streamer Jessticles “Fell In Love” With Twitch Mod and Flies Across The World To Meet

An Australian Twitch streamer Jessticles made the 30-hour journey all the way to Germany, to meet one of her chat moderators, confirming they had “accidentally fell in love.”

Typically, the relationship between a Twitch streamer and their chatters is rather one-way. While viewers feel like they ‘know’ the streamer, the streamer themselves often sees nothing more than a username in their chat.

Some viewers are a lot closer, of course, usually moderators of the chat, there to keep other viewers in check and help the streamer with organizing content like giveaways.

In some rare cases, streamers and moderators can become close friends, or, in this case, more than that.

Streamer Jessticles accidentally falls in love

Twitch streamer Jessticles “accidentally” fell in love with mod

Australian streamer Jessticles, who generally streams in the Just Chatting section, posted on Twitter on October 25 to confirm she had landed in Germany after a 30-hour trip.

In the tweet, she quipped “#TwitchisADatingSite?” – a reference to the common plea from streamers that it is not, in fact, a dating site, and they don’t want to field romantic offers from viewers.

On her stream, she explained that it had been a total rollercoaster of emotions.

“This is the biggest rollercoaster that either of us have ever been on. Never felt anything like this,” Jess said. “It doesn’t compare to anything else and it never will.”

“I had like 300 emotions in two minutes,” her new partner, Yannick, agreed.

The announcement quickly gained traction on Twitter, and some other streamers even shared similar stories.

Streamer MrRusty even confirmed that he was engaged to be married to his mod after she flew all the way from Florida to be with him.

Jess’s story has shown that perhaps deeper relationships can in fact be formed on Twitch, especially within some of the smaller communities. Streamers with tens of thousands of viewers may benefit from the extra money and attention, but it’s nearly impossible to form real friendships with many viewers.

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