Who Is Larxa? The Twitch Streamer Beats Elden Ring Using Only Her Voice – Her Age, and Net Worth Explained

Twitch streamer ‘Larxa’ has defeated Elden Ring without even touching a controller, beating the entire game only using her voice.

It’s fair to say Elden Ring took the world by storm last year. Developed by FromSoftware — the minds behind the notorious Dark Souls series — as well as in collaboration with Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin, it’s no wonder it became one biggest games of 2022.

Whether it be through doing speedruns or using quirky mods, fans have found numerous ways to enjoy the game since Elden Ring’s release last February.

While we’ve seen many of our favorite creators struggle to even beat the game as it is, one Twitch streamer has taken the crown, completing it only using their voice.

Larxa. Source: Instagram

Twitch streamer beats Elden Ring without a controller

Twitch streamer Larxa can certainly lay claim as one the best Elden Ring players. While fans struggle to even get past the first boss, speedrunner Larxa has managed to complete the game without even touching a controller.

Instead, the Twitch partner used her voice to control the game the entire way through the lengthy 44 hour playthrough. Using the program Voice Attack, Larxa set up custom commands which are triggered only using her voice.

Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park for the Twitch streamer. As a matter of fact, it took Larxa weeks of long, grueling days to complete her bizzare challenge.

However, the streamer defeated the last boss during her February 17 broadcast, and it’s fair to say she was relieved for it to be finally over.

Whether you’re a hardcore Soulsborne fan, or a casual Elden Ring player, everybody can agree it’s certainly an impressive accomplishment.

Real NameSharon Larx
LocationBelgium & USA
Larxa. Source: Instagram

Who is Larxa?

Larxa is a partnered livestreamer on Twitch. She enjoys speedrunning and variety games.

Has “Larx” tattooed on her knuckles.

One of the first streamers to beat WTTG2.

It is said that Larxa’s favorite tea is the same as uncle Iroh’s favorite tea.

Estimated net worth of 8 million Euros, mostly held in Pokémon plushies.

Away from gaming, Larxa is a passionate art who has some cool drawings on her Instagram account with over 5,000 followers.

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