What Is TheGrefg’s Net Worth and How Much Money Does He Make? Details On His Streamer Awards

How much is TheGrefG worth? Spanish Twitch star TheGrefg hosts his own Streamer Awards to staggering viewership.

TheGrefg, a Spanish Twitch star, has been hosting his own Streamer Awards event on his own broadcast and the viewership he’s receiving is simply staggering.

TheGrefg is a name you might have heard before, with over 11 million followers on his Twitch channel, the Spanish streamer has been making waves on the internet as a variety content creator.

As the 7th most followed channel on Twitch, he took it upon himself to host his own streamer awards show in a similar style to QTCinderella’s, particularly for just Latin America and Spain, which takes up a good proportion of Twitch viewers and followership.

The show so far has been a massive success, with over 1.7 million live viewers, people are clearly keen to watch and partake in the live event.

This staggering figure doesn’t even account for the live audience that’s currently attending the event in person. With a massive auditorium filled and huge production value across the board, it’s easy to see why people would want to attend such a monumental event.

The viewership number is indicative of a trend in Twitch viewership with the rise of Spanish streamers across the board. Streamers such as Ibai, Rubius, and Grefg have been taking up spots within the top 10 streamers in January 2023.

Furthermore, a viewership of 1.6 million is absolutely nothing to scoff at, with The Game Award maintaining a consistent viewership of 2.8 million, TheGrefg’s event is comparable to arguably one of the biggest gaming shows of the year.

Alongside Grefg, Spanish streamers hold the highest peak viewership on the streaming website, with Ibai in first place and Grefg coming in shortly thereafter.

What Is GrefG Net Worth?

David Cánovas Martínez, better known as TheGrefg or simply Grefg, is a Spanish YouTuber and Twitch streamer. With 17.7 million subscribers, it is one of the most-subscribed Spanish YouTube channels, while he also has the eighth most-followed Twitch channel with over 10.2 million followers.

GrefG has an estimated Net worth of over $15,200,000, per GetOnStream. He is currently making an estimated $213,848.50 per month from his stream and youtube content.

How Much Does GrefG Make Per Month?

GrefG is estimated to make $213,848.50 per month from multiple income streams. This includes Twitch subs, Ad Revenue, and brand deals, per SportsKeeda.

GrefG makes approximately $51,976.50 per month directly from Twitch. This is broken down by the following: He makes approximately $20,653 from Twitch subs, $21,543 from Twitch ads, and $9,780 in donations and bits.

GrefG primarily makes money on Youtube through Adsense revenue. According to Socialblade last month he pulled in 70,936,462 Million views. If we break this down we can get an estimate of his Youtube revenue. 70.9m views/1000 = 70,936. 70,936 x $2 CPM = $141,872 Per Month from Youtube Adsense. GrefG is making approximately $141,872 from Youtube each month, and $1.3 million yearly from YouTube.

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