Who Has The Most Viewed Livestream Viewership Record Ever On Twitch and YouTube?

The world record for the most viewed Twitch stream is a coveted achievement and has been held by the biggest names on the platform over the years. Here’s the highest peak viewership on a livestream ever, both on Twitch and YouTube.

January 11, 2021, was a historic day for Twitch, as Spanish streaming sensation David ‘TheGrefg’ Cánovas Martínez shattered the record for most concurrent viewers, as he revealed his very own Fortnite skin.

However, on June 25, 2022, another Spanish streamer Ibai shattered that record, drawing in over 3 million viewers to watch his second boxing event.

North American streamers still make up the bulk of this list, but non-English speaking streams are growing rapidly on Twitch. Expect to see more streamers from other regions fight for a place among the most-viewed streams ever.

livestream of Ibai boxing event
Ibai drew in over to 3 million viewers during his La Velada Del Año II event.

Most viewed Twitch streams ever

  1. Ibai: 3,356,464
  2. TheGrefg: 2,470,347
  3. Ibai: 1,502,295
  4. ELXOKAS: 1,208,144
  5. ELEAGUETV: 1,088,063
  6. PlayStation: 1,014,646
  7. Riot Games: 854,781
  8. DOTA2TI_RU: 845,224
  9. Gaules: 707,648
  10. Zerator: 707,071
  11. Fortnite: 700,529
  12. Tommyinnit: 650,237
  13. PGL: 649,414
  14. LCK_KOREA: 623,617
  15. Ninja: 616,693
  16. Auronplay: 602,308
  17. ESL_CSGO: 562,080
  18. Axozer: 557,151
  19. WEPLAYCSGO_RU: 550,725
  20. N3KOGLAI: 543,743

As you can see, Spanish streamer Ibai comfortably holds the record for peak viewers on a livestream, with 3.3 million viewers. This was achieved during his ‘La Velada Del Año II event.’

In second place is fellow Spaniar, TheGrefg. He was revealing his new Fortnite skin at the time, attracting viewers around the world. As the stream started hitting record numbers, more people joined just to be part of the frenzy.

This list, via Twitch Tracker, includes streams from companies, rather than just individual creators.

See below for the list for solo streamers only.

Ninja was the previous record holder, thanks to his popularity at the peak of Fortnite.

Most viewed streams for a solo Twitch streamer (companies excluded)

  1. Ibai: 3,356,464
  2. TheGrefg: 2,470,347
  3. Ibai: 1,502,295
  4. ELXOKAS: 1,208,144
  5. Gaules: 707,648
  6. Zerator: 707,071
  7. Tommyinnit: 650,237
  8. Ninja: 616,693
  9. Auronplay: 602,308
  10. Axozer: 557,151
  11. N3KOGLAI: 543,743
  12. Casimito: 534,644
  13. Shroud: 516,289
  14. XTEARS88: 512,246
  15. BAKZERA: 506,797
  16. OLLIEGAMERZ: 459,316
  17. Asmongold: 448,161
  18. INOXTAG: 436,418
  19. Asmongold: 427,880
  20. AOC: 426,109

Twitch might still be considered the home of video game live streaming for now, but YouTube has been making up major ground in this area.

YouTube Gaming is the home of live streams on the platform and directly competes with Twitch

YouTube peak viewers record

Here are the highest viewership peaks on YouTube Gaming, via StreamHatchet:

  1. PlayStation: 1.4 million
  2. VJLinkHero: 1.2 million
  3. Free Fire – Brasil: 1.1 million
  4. Free Fire – LATAM: 1.1 million
  5. The RawKnee Games: 1.1 million
  6. Alpha Clasher: 1 million
  7. El Rubius: 1 million
  8. LazarBeam: 900,000
  9. TechnoBlade: 900,000
  10. Dream: 700,000
  11. Felipe Neto: 600,000
  12. Willyrex: 500,000
  13. Vegeta777: 500,000
  14. Dr Disrespect: 500,000

No new data has been recorded for the highest viewership on YouTube since December 2021, so we will update these figures when new data is released.

TheGrefg’s record-breaking numbers could be a springboard for further success, although it’s unlikely that 2.4 million will be beaten anytime soon.

When Ninja set the record by playing Fortnite with Drake and Travis Scott, it immediately elevated the streaming space more widely, paving the way for more records to be set. As live streaming in general grows in popularity, we could see more streamers crack the 1 million viewers mark.