What Happened To Twitch Streamer BlessX? She Was Left Shaken As Stray Bullets From Drive-By Hits Her House

A Valorant streamer BlessX was left shaken after stray bullets from a drive-by outside her home seemingly crashed through into her house.

While chilling in a Valorant lobby talking to a friend on February 8, Twitch streamer BlessX was suddenly shocked by loud sounds coming from outside her home. She immediately said that there was a shooting outside.

The gunfire lastes a few seconds as multiple rounds were fired and could be heard in close proximity. She was left visibly shaken in front of her computer after the shooting stopped, and her friend can be immediately heard trying to console her over the voice chat. She then picked up her phone and called the police to report the incident. 

In the clip, there was an audible crack which came from behind her when one of the stray bullets appeared to enter BlessX’s room

“Look at my hands, they’re shaking,” she said, showing her hands with nervous laughter. 

She would go on to take the next ten minutes to compose herself on stream, barely talking and only whispering into the mic. 

BlessX’s Twitch chat immediately told the streamer to pause the stream and take care of herself, even trying to console the shaken streamer themselves. But she decided to keep the stream running. In fact, she would go on to stream for another nine hours of Valorant after the incident, assuring all her viewers that we she okay before long.

In a Reddit thread discussing the clip, many Redditors commented hoping she was okay after the shooting. Some gave anecdotes of their experiences with shootings as well.

Some even suggested that if anyone is ever in the vicinity of a drive-by shooting, laying down on the ground the best thing possible to try and avoid potential incoming fire.

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