Best Top 15 Influencer Crossover Boxers Now According To KSI

YouTube megastar and profound influencer boxer KSI has revealed his Top 15 crossover boxers based on how much he thinks people would care about their fight.

Hot off of two wins in one night, influencer turned boxer KSI is already touting his next event in January. The card is set to feature members of the Prime Hydration crew including Logan Paul, Jidion, and more.

And while there is plenty of hype already building for the Prime card, influencer boxing fans are throwing names into the ring hoping to see their favorite creators duke it out on a PPV. They want to see the likes of Deji, Jake Paul, and Andrew Tate.

Now, the man himself, KSI, has weighed in on who he thinks would create the most excitement if they announced a fight.


Top 15 influencer boxers according to KSI

On September 4, KSI would post a list of his top 15 influencer boxers on Twitter. However, the list wouldn’t be based on skill. Rather, it would focus on their mass appeal.

He wrote, “In terms of interest (Social media & mainstream presence and how much people care if they fight) in the crossover boxing scene, my top 15.”

He started the list off with himself at the top, followed by names that have been thrown around every corner of the boxing community. Logan Paul, Jake Paul, and Andrew Tate followed suit, with Deji and more making it onto the list.

Of course, fans were quick to share their favorite fighters that hadn’t made the list. They were appalled that creators like Sam Hyde, IShowSpeed, and Joe Weller didn’t make the cut.

Regardless, if you’ve been paying attention to influencer boxing recently, you’ll know that the top four names on the list are on everyone’s mind. Fans are dying to see KSI, the Paul brothers, and Andrew Tate in the ring no matter the matchup.

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