CDawgVA Explains Why It’s Almost Impossible To Make YouTube Videos In Japan

Twitch streamer CDawgVA has expressed the frustrations of making YouTube content, due to limitations imposed by living in Japan.

YouTube and voice actor Connor ‘CDawgVA’ Colquhoun has had an interesting year so far. Earlier this month, the streamer raised funds for The Immune Deficiency Foundation by riding 500 miles across Japan on his bicycle.

On the Trash Taste podcast, CDawgVa and co-hosts spoke with Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys about her career. While the streamer has plenty of projects in the works, it can also be difficult completing them to a standard that satisfies him.

CDawgVA has shared how difficult limitations are impacting his YouTube output.

CDawgVA is “very unhappy” with some of his YouTube content

On September 13, CDawgVA’s Twitch livestream saw the creator discuss how living in Japan affects his YouTube career. Though the streamer has had enormous success, for the most part, CDawgVA explained that “I was getting a little burnt out with my YouTube bombing stuff, just because getting filming permission in Japan is just so hard.”

“I was getting really stressed out with talking to these companies and talking to certain places that wanted to butcher my videos in the review process,” continued the streamer.

“And I would have a video that I think was really fair and really honest, I wouldn’t really say anything bad but sometimes these companies would just gut it.”

While the streamer wouldn’t name any companies specifically out of respect, he did admit that “there are some videos I had to upload that I was very, very unhappy with.”

Due to legal agreements, CDawgVA had no choice in the matter and has “rarely scrapped a video, because a lot of the time a lot of investment goes into it.”

Though livestreaming is a “calling” for him, the content creator cited that “factors outside of your own desire” make it crucial for him to retain professionalism.

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