Why Did ShamPee’s Video About Corpse Husband’s Identity Get Deleted? YouTube Removes The Face Reveal Video For Doxxing

A YouTube video that supposedly revealed Corpse Husband’s face, as well as real name and other personal details, has been deleted by the platform, after it accumulated over two million views.

Corpse Husband is a popular YouTuber and musician, who rose to prominence through Among Us livestreams as well as his musical aspirations and uniquely gravelly voice.

Despite his fame, Corpse has never revealed his face, although various leaks and dubious claims that his face is known have been shared over the past few years.

On February 27, YouTuber ShamPee posted a video titled “Why Corpse Husband Abandoned his Audience”, which went viral, reaching over two million views, before it was taken down.

Corpse Husband
Source: Twitter

Why did YouTube delete the Corpse Husband video?

ShamPee was “devastated” by the takedown, and asked YouTube on Twitter for an opportunity to appeal. He blamed the takedown on mass reports from “stans” of Corpse Husband.

However, YouTube responded, stating that the takedown was due to their harassment policy for “content that encourages abusive fan behavior such as doxxing, dogpiling or brigading.” They also gave the timestamp for when this occurred in the video.

ShamPee was apologetic, saying he overlooked notifying his editor about this section of the video, and that it wasn’t done “maliciously or intentionally.”

However, versions of the video are still available on YouTube, through ‘reaction’ videos from other creators.

ShamPee however has stated he has no intentions to upload the video, despite its success. “I have learned my lesson here and again; I’m deeply sorry,” he said.

Some defended ShamPee however, stating that the information in his video was already available publicly, and so he should not be held accountable for “doxxing.” Also, the video condemned the original posters of the information.

YouTuber John Swan argued it was a “totally justified takedown.”

ShamPee responded and said he would be releasing an apology video.

For now, Corpse Husband’s face remains somewhat of a mystery, despite the various ‘leaks’ claiming to reveal it. Corpse has been less active on social media in recent months, rarely posting, although he did upload a new song titled Under the Weather in February.

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