What Happened To Dhar Mann? His Actors Protest For Paying Them Less Than They Are Worth

Actors in Influencer Dhar Mann’s videos have gone on Strike over Low Wages.

You must be living under the rock to not know who Dhar Mann is and what is he famous for. The American entrepreneur and film producer is best known for his video production company, Dhar Mann Studios, that creates short films for social media platforms such as YouTube.

One thing about Dhar Mann is his positivity side. Dhar’s videos are designed to teach people valuable moral lessons.

Well, currently, Dhar is trending for bad side of him the internet has never heard off. Some of his employees are now calling him out for failing to adhere to those same principles when it comes to treating the people who work for him, and his actors in particular, fairly.

What did Dhar Mann do to his employees? Here’s the tea!

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What did Dhar Mann do to his actors? Some of the cast of his videos have gone on strike.

Dhar’s enormous success on YouTube has come thanks to short films about important topics, and each one of those films features several actors. Now, many of those actors have gone public with their stories, saying that Dhar underpays them and has treated them unfairly. As a result, videos have gone viral recently that show actors on strike in front of Dhar Mann Studios forming a picket line.

Videos from TikTok and Instagram have begun circulating that accuse Dhar of ignoring the actor’s demands for higher wages and firing any actors who publicly disagreed with or contradicted him.

In a video on his Instagram page, actor Charles Laughlin explains that there are many reasons why he and his fellow actors have decided to protest. Ultimately, though, the biggest reason for the protests is that they asked for a meeting with Dhar, and were told that they wouldn’t get one.

Colin A. Borden, who works as an actor, writer, and director with Dhar Mann Studios, posted an even longer explainer on his TikTok that offered additional context.

Colin explained that he and all the other actors who work with the studio are hired as contract players, and only brought in irregularly to star in his short films. As a result, none of them have a regular income or can afford things like rent.

Colin added that, even as the studio grew and got more successful, the actors never saw any of that additional success. Instead, they were constantly reminded that if they spoke up about their poor working conditions they would be fired. As a result, they decided to band together to protest the studio and what they believe to be the unfair treatment of actors within it.

Dhar Mann
Dhar Mann owns Dhar Mann studios which is a popular for its inspiring videos.
Source: Instagram

Who is Dhar Mann?

Dhar is an internationally successful YouTuber and entrepreneur who posts four short films on his channel every week dedicated to tackling thought-provoking moral issues. He owns and manages a video production company known as Dhar Mann Studios, and was born to emigrated parents who own a taxi cab service that operates in Oakland, Calif.

Although he may be best known for his YouTube channel now, Dhar had a pretty successful career even before he started his production company. He first worked in real estate, and then eventually expanded into luxury car rentals and even a cannabis business before his studio was founded. Now, he has amassed a subscriber base on YouTube that’s well over 15 million and become one of the most successful content creators on the platform.

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