Dhar Mann Cast Salary: How Much Does Dhar Mann Pay His Actors?

Actors in Influencer Dhar Mann’s videos have gone on Strike over Low Wages. But how much do they make?

Thanks to the quality and volume of the content he puts out, Dhar Mann has found substantial success as an entrepreneur and YouTuber. Although many of Dhar’s videos are designed to teach people valuable moral lessons, some of his employees are now calling him out for failing to adhere to those same principles when it comes to treating the people who work for him, and his actors in particular, fairly.

Dhar Mann studios responded to the actor’s protest revealing much details on their pay. So, how much does Dhar Mann pay his actors? Here’s what we know.

Dhar Mann

Dhar Mann Studios responds to payment allegations

As actors continued to protest outside the Dhar Mann studios and outrage grew stronger online, the YouTuber took to his production house’s Instagram page to address the allegations. In an Instagram post, the studio stated that they believed they pay their performers “competitively compared to our peers.”

They claimed to pay actors who are extras $18 per hour. Those who were “Speaking Role Actors” were reportedly paid $33 to $44 per hour.

They explained that the actors were not provided with full-time positions as they were trying to “spread around opportunities and show a wide range of faces.”

The studio also explained that the “pay rate and length of the production” are mentioned in the actor’s offer letter. They went on to add that the actors are “paid shortly after a production wraps, typically within 72 hours.”

The studio also explained that they have stopped working with certain actors in special cases due to complaints from other parties involved.

The studio also addressed other concerns on their Instagram stories including the meetings in which the YouTuber did not take part, the late Carl Judie’s mural which was taken down from their studio, actors not being issued 1099s, not giving credit to the actors and not taking feedback from the entertainers.

At the time of writing this article, the actors had not publicly addressed Dhar Mann’s response to their protests.

What did actors Colin A. Borden and Charles Laughlin say about Dhar Mann?

Dhar Mann’s actor Colin A. Borden was among the many who publicized the issue at hand. He recently took to TikTok to address the actors protesting against the YouTuber and his studio.

In his video, he explained that the actors who worked under the popular internet personality did not earn enough to afford rent despite the production house having enough financial resources to pay the entertainers. He also revealed that the actors were unable to get in touch with their boss i.e. Dhar Mann when they wanted to bring forward the actors’ concerns. He also shared that those who were acting under contract were getting fired if they questioned the studio about their management. Borden said:

“We’ve been talking to a lot of actors, the trouble is there’s a culture at the studio of, “if you talk, you’re out.”

The same was verified by fellow actor Charles Laughlin, who took to his Instagram account to post a screenshot of an actor receiving an email from the YouTuber’s studio, which read that they were “no longer needed” for a specific role. The Instagram story also read:

“What happens when you ask for a meeting @jessicaruthbell Officially fired #ProtestDharMann”

Actor reveals co-star was fired after questioning management (Image via chaslaughlin/Instagram)
Actor reveals co-star was fired after questioning management (Image via chaslaughlin/Instagram)

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