10 Fun Facts About FaZe Adapt: Net Worth, Age, Height, Real Name, Parents, Girlfriend, Sister, Birthday, Kids, Bio, Wiki

Popular American social media celebrity FaZe Adapt is best known for his gaming content on Twitch and YouTube. His biography explained.

As we live in the twenty-first century, where the internet is still an important part of our lives, many people have emerged with large followings on various online platforms. The rise of social media has enabled people to reach a global audience. These people are termed social media celebrities, social media influencers, social media personalities, internet personalities, or simply influencers.

Wikipedia defines the term Internet celebrity as “a celebrity who has acquired or developed their fame and notability on the Internet”.

One individual who qualifies for the popular term is FaZe Adapt who is known in real life as Alexander Hamilton Prynkiewicz.

FaZe Adapt is a renowned YouTuber, social media influencer, Twitch streamer, and professional gamer. His pranks, challenges, reactions and gaming content have also attracted a massive fan following across his social media pages, especially on YouTube. In addition, he is the director of the famous Call of Duty sniping group FaZe Clan.

There is more about FaZe Adapt that her followers and admirers must know of her, including but not limited to his social media presence, how she became famous, her personal and family life, and her finances. TheVibely has gathered 10 interesting facts to know about FaZe Adapt. Let’s dive into his life.

Profile Summary

Celebrated Name:FaZe Adapt
Net Worth:$1 million to $5 million
Profession:YouTube star, social media influencer
Full Real Name:Alexander Hamilton Prynkiewicz
Birthday:5 June 1997
Age:24 years (as of 2022)
Birthplace:Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Current Residence:Los Angeles, California, United States
Zodiac Sign:Gemini
Height:in inches 5’ 6’’ (in centimetres 168)
Weight:in pounds 154 (in kilograms 70)
Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color:Brown
Parents:Peter (father); Nancy (mother)
Relationship status:Single
Girlfriend:Adrianna Scaley (ex)
YouTube:FaZe Adapt
FaZe Adapt
Source: Instagram @fazeadapt

1. Who is FaZe Adapt?

He is a prominent YouTuber, Twitch streamer, professional gamer, and social media influencer from the United States. He is best recognized on YouTube for his gaming content, pranks, reactions, vlogs and challenges. He also commands a considerable following across various social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

FaZe Adapt is the director of Call of Duty sniping group FaZe Clan. He was previously a member of SoaR Gaming. FaZe has acquired a significant fan following on YouTube and other social media platforms because of her diverse and engaging content.

FaZe Adapt
Source: Instagram @fazeclan

2. What is FaZe Adapt’s real name?

His real name is Alexander Hamilton Prynkiewicz. However, he prefers using his nickname FaZe Adapt across all his social media platforms.

Source: Instagram @fazeadapt

3. When is FaZe Adapt’s birthday?

The YouTube star was born on 5 June 1997 in Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America. He celebrates his birthday on 5 June annually. About his age, the streamer is currently 25 years old as of 2022. His zodiac sign is Gemini. What is FaZe Adapt’s nationality? He is an American national.

4. How tall is FaZe Adapt?

FaZe Adapt’s height is 5 feet 6 inches (168 centimetres) tall, and he weighs approximately 154 pounds (70 kilograms). He has dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Source: Instagram @fazeadapt

5. Who are Adapt’s parents?

He is the only son of his parents, Peter and Nancy. His family relocated to Pennsylvania when he completed grade five. At the moment, there are not much infor about his parents as he is somewhat private about such matters. He has a white ethnicity.

Which high school did FaZe Adapt go to? The social media personality completed his high school education at Pinnacle High School.

6. Who are FaZe Adapt’s siblings?

Adapt is not an only child of his parents. The YouTuber was raised alongside four sisters, Paris, Milan, Sidney and Vienna. Milan is the youngest of all.

FaZe Adapt’s sister, Milan, is a social media personality. She occasionally appears on FaZe Adapt’s YouTube videos together with her child.

7. Why is FaZe Adapt famous?

FaZe Adapt is a known YouTuber, social media personality, professional gamer and Twitch streamer. He started his gaming career by playing Call of Duty games and posting trick-shot videos.

He was previously a member of SoaR Gaming before he joined FaZe Clan, an eSports organization that majorly consists of Call of Duty gamers and was created as a YouTube gaming clan.

FaZe Adapt created his YouTube channel on 14 December 2011. However, he uploaded his first video titled SoaR Adapt: Joined SoaR + Killcam on 23 December 2011. His account mainly consists of pranks, challenges, gaming videos, vlogs and reactions. As of 2023, the channel has amassed over 6 million subscribers.

The American YouTuber is also on TikTok with over 1.1 million followers and over 6.9 million likes. He majorly shares challenges, reactions and dance videos. His Instagram account has 2.4 million followers, and he regularly shares short videos and photos alongside his friends.

He is also a popular Twitch streamer. His Twitch channel has 265 thousand followers and 2.8 million followers on his Twitter account.

When did FaZe Adapt join FaZe Clan?

In 2013, he joined FaZe Clan, a professional esports and entertainment organization focusing on titles ranging from Call of Duty, FIFA, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Valorant, PUBG, and CSGO.

FaZe Clan members are easy to recognize online since their gamer tags start with ”FaZe.” “Something like who we are has never existed before,” commented Lee Trink, FaZe Clan’s chief executive.

Alex currently serves as the Director of FaZe Clan.

In January 2020, the organization obtained a $22.7 million investment loan from Canadian financial company Canaccord Genuity.

8. What happened to FaZe Adapt?

The Twitch streamer has been banned on Twitch twice. He was first banned from Twitch in May 2020 for allegedly streaming suggestive content.

At the end of April 2020, Alex has been banned from Twitch for three days after violating Twitch’s guidelines regarding the ‘sharing or engaging in sexually suggestive content or activities.’

”I definitely never showed anything sexual like that unless I’m just completely clueless and have no idea what I’m saying,” Adapt wrote on Twitter.

”I like streaming on Twitch and want to continue streaming on Twitch. I’d just appreciate it the next time if you ban me, you tell me what I did wrong so I can move forward and not make that mistake again,” he later said.

In June 2020, Corinna Kopf slams FaZe Adapt over “shaming” comments after tweeting: ”My ex still follows my dog but has unfollowed me on everything… Feels bad.” Alex replied: ”When you date every dude in LA, that’ll probably happen.” Note – Kopf used to date former FaZe Clan member Turner ”Tfue” Tenney.

Adapt later revealed that he’d apologized to her privately regarding his comments. ”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you upset, I promise,” Alexander wrote.

Later, in February 2021, he got banned again for streaming Grand Theft Auto Roleplay. He took to his Twitter account with the following tweet,


He also tweeted,

Hey @TwitchSupport I got suspended for 1 day at 6:44pm yesterday and it’s been over 24 hours and my account is still suspended…can someone please help me figure out what’s going on or at least tell me why I got suspended so I don’t do it again?

FaZe Adapt and his ex-girlfriend Adrianna Scaley in 2016. Source: YouTube

9. Who is FaZe Adapt’s girlfriend?

For someone famous as FaZe Adapt, surely your dating and love life will be curious for your fans to search about. Adapt is currently assumed to be single; not dating anyone, not married, and doesn’t have a girlfriend at the moment. But this doesn’t mean he can’t be secretly in a relationship.

Adapt surely has a dating history, in 2014, FaZe Adapt started to date Instagram superstar Adrianna Scaley. The two broke up in 2016 after Adapt found out that Scaley was cheating on him. During a February 2020 interview, Alex said that he’s single. In his words: ”Yeah. 1000 percent.”

Source: Instagram @fazeadapt

10. What is FaZe Adapt’s net worth?

The YouTube star’s exact net worth is unknown. Nevertheless, his net worth is alleged to be between $1 million and $2 million. FamousPeopleToday estimates his current fortune at $3 million. How much money does FaZe Adapt make? The YouTube star makes around $800 per day and $300 thousand yearly from brand advertisements. He primarily earns his income from his gaming career and brand promotions.

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