Has Dream Done A Face Reveal On Twitch? YouTuber Dream Has Finally Displayed His Actual Face After More Teasers Pics

Despite his massive following online, Minecraft YouTuber Dream has continued to keep his face a mystery, never revealing what he looks like – outside of some small teases. With another teaser showing off his hair, fans are now anticipating a full-face reveal soon.

Dream certainly isn’t the only big-name content creator to keep its face under wraps. Other names like Corpse Husband and Anomaly also keep it covered – although the latter accidentally slipped up on stream.

But, so far, Dream has managed to keep his face a complete secret – although there have been lots of hints and teasers, some of which he put out there himself, and others, not so much.

Dream said back in June 2021 that he will eventually do a face reveal, but that he plans to “take full advantage of it.”

Dream’s latest ‘reveal’

In March, this image showing (apparently) Dream wearing a Corpse beanie spread like wildfire on Twitter. The Minecraft star apparently posted it before deleting it rapidly – knowing his dedicated fans would share it around instantly.

Dream shows off his hair
Dream was sure to keep his face out of the shot – only revealing his hair.

This isn’t the first time he has sent fans into a frenzy with a simple hair reveal though.

In August 2021, he also gave a glimpse of his locks in an Instagram post – using his smiley face mask to keep the rest concealed.

These teasers have also caused problems though – such as when he had to dismiss claims about a supposed leak of his face reveal.

alleged dream photo tweet
A purported photo of Dream began circulating on social media, sparking controversy among his fanbase. Angry critics accused the YouTuber of using a body double in photos and videos.

A viral tweet claimed that Dream had “catfished” his audience – but Dream hit back, and said that this was an image of a random person and that people were attacking them unjustly.

Of course, an official face reveal would put all of this to rest, so, will he finally do it?

When will Dream do a face reveal?

On September 19, Dream posted on his YouTube community tab that his next upload will be him revealing his face.

It’s rumored to happen between September 23 and the beginning of October 2022.

One possibility for this is his “IRL Manhunt.” Dream promised that if his final Manhunt achieved over 2 million likes, they would do an IRL Manhunt to conclude the series.

The video now has 2.6 million likes – meaning an IRL version is officially on the cards. Given the popularity of this series, it would certainly make sense that dream would take the mask off during the video.

UPDATE: Dream has finally shown his face!

YouTube Minecraft streamer Clay Dream caused a massive stir on the internet with his face reveal video.

On Sunday night (2nd October 2022), after a masterful hype campaign, Dream finally removed the mask to reveal his face in a video posted to YouTube, which has since accumulated more than 28 million views. (Click here to see Dream’s real face)

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