Ludwig Explains Why He Changed How His Name Is Pronounced

YouTube star Ludwig Ahgren opened up about why he changed how his name is pronounced at a young age.

Ludwig is one of the biggest YouTubers on the platform, gaining popularity initially on Twitch by creating some of the most creative videos and live broadcasts on the entire site.

Having grown a channel with over 3.6 million followers now on YouTube, Ludwig has become a household name on the platform, but according to him, that name was actually once pronounced differently.


Ludwig says he changed how his name is pronounced

The 27-year-old content creator was interviewed by Anthony Padilla when he opened up about why he changed the pronunciation of his name in the second grade.

“I f*cking up my own name. It’s Lewd-vig. That’s how you say it. I bastardized it.”

He continued, “My mom calls me ‘oud-vig.’ She’s French, so she has a French accent. When I went to school, let me tell you, those second graders don’t love the name ‘oud-vig.’ When I showed up and got some handmade, French meal and I open it up and it stinks up the classroom when everyone else got PB&J, and I’m the ‘oud-vig’ guy, you get ostracized pretty quick.”

He went on to say how he had to “adapt pretty quick” as a child, so he changed the way his name sounds and started going to school with PB&Js for lunch instead of French sandwiches.

While many of his fans know him now as Ludwig, his mom still calls him by the proper pronunciation of his name.

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