How Much Is MrBeast’s YouTube Empire Worth? Finance Expert Valuetainment Estimates It At $20 Billion

MrBeast’s YouTube empire has been valued at roughly $10-20 billion by finance expert and entrepreneur Valuetainment following revelations that the YouTube star turned down $1 billion for his channel.

Known for his crazy, philanthropic videos, which sometimes can set him back millions to produce, Jimmy ‘MrBeast‘ Donaldson is a name many will be familiar with by now.

Amassing over 110 million subscribers to date on his main channel alone, there are a ton of eyes on just about anything he does — making his brand extremely valuable.

And with brands under his name like his very own food chain MrBeast Burger, and even his own chocolate bar Feastables — which is now sold in every Walmart across the States — it’s fair to say he’s one of the biggest creators in the world.

In fact, the YouTube star recently revealed he turned down an offer of $1 billion for his YouTube channel and brands. Admitting that the offer was “enticing” at first, MrBeast believes there’s more to be done, and has a more ambitious price tag of $10-20 billion on his mind before considering putting it up for sale.

MrBeast's YouTube Empire

Valuetainment values MrBeast’s YouTube channel at $20 billion

While many believe turning down an offer like that is absurd, finance expert and media entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David from Valuetainment believes it was the right call.

During a recent podcast episode, the expert gave his thoughts on the offer, where he revealed that the $10-20 billion that MrBeast is hoping for might not be unrealistic.

The entrepreneur made an example out of the Super Bowl, where the average 30-second commercial costs roughly $5 million.

While it has the potential to be seen by 100 million viewers, MrBeast’s most popular video boasts an impressive 300 million views to date, which would mean a minute-long advertisement is worth around $50 million according to the expert.

And thanks to his dubbed language channels, MrBeast’s videos have the potential to be seen by millions more around the world.

Taking into consideration the average cost of a Super Bowl commercial, and then comparing it to MrBeast’s staggering 17 billion all-time views, Patrick concluded that his main channel alone is worth $850M at a minimum.

While full details on the proposed deal remain tight-lipped, Valuetainment ultimately agreed that his MrBeast’s ambitious evaluation isn’t far from reality when accounting for the entire brand. “I think he’s right, 10-20 billion dollars is the right number.”

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