Is Juan Gonzalez A Millionaire? How Much Is ThatWasEpic’s Net Worth Amid His Insane Giveaways On YouTube

Prankster-giveaway YouTuber ThatWasEpic’s net worth is explored amid his act of kindness shown in his videos. How rich is Juan Gonzalez?

Juan Gonzalez best known online by his moniker ThatWasEpic started his YouTube channel on June 17, 2014, and uploaded his first video titled “Dropping 100$ In Public!“, which was uploaded two months later on August 30, 2014.

Over time, he has uploaded lots of prank/giveaway and social experiment videos, which made him amass almost 7.40 million subscribers and almost 1.2 billion views as of April 2023.

In his recent video on his channel, the YouTuber dressed as a homeless man and went around asking for help from random people. Whoever helped him or attempted to care received a double of whatever money they gave him.

He had also given MacBooks to college students who needed them. In videos like that, he goes to the library of institutions and moves to students who are using the school’s computers and asks them if they’d love to own their personal laptops.

He had also involved his 7-year-old son in a few videos; first, he acted as a millionaire and paid people’s bills, and another video had his child hitting on older women.

But a lot of questions many are asking is about his finances. Like, how much he is worth, and how much money he makes. So, how rich is ThatWasEpic today? Here’s everything we know about the YouTuber.

Is Juan Gonzalez A Millionaire? How Much Is ThatWasEpic's Net Worth Amid His Insane Giveaways On YouTube
Image Source: Instagram @thatwasepic

How much is ThatWasEpic’s net worth?

ThatWasEpic is primarily known for making videos based on pranking people and then helping them by offering them gifts, money, and other forms of giveaways. His most popular video, “Cutting People’s Headphones, Then Giving Them Airpods“, is an example of what he normally uploads on his channel. It has more than 50 million views as of July 2021. Aside from prank videos, he secondarily uploads social experiment videos on his main YouTube channel.

Gonzalez has a secondary YouTube channel called AlmostEpic. On this channel which has more than 900K subscribers, he uploads vlogs, as well as uncut footage of his pranks and social experiment clips.

His channel is ranked as the 110th-best comedy channel, the 373rd-best channel in the United States, and the 567th most subscribed channel on YouTube.

Juan Gonzalez is one of the most successful and famous YouTubers currently on the video-sharing platform.

So, what is ThatWasEpic’s net worth currently? Juan’s net worth is a bit unclear, he has never shared how much he is worth with his fans. However, some online sources peg his current estimated net worth at $4 million.

According to AllResultbd, Juan invests around $10,000 in the experiment each time he distributes MacBooks or iPads.

With his skill, this YouTuber was able to make a sizable sum of money. Per his Social Blade, his main YouTube channel makes him a salary of $65.8K  –  $1.1M in a year from YouTube ads.

In a month, he makes an estimated income of $5.5K  –  $87.7K and a revenue of $1.3K  –  $20.5K in a week and $183  –  $2.9K in a day.

Is Juan Gonzalez A Millionaire? How Much Is ThatWasEpic's Net Worth Amid His Insane Giveaways On YouTube
Image Source: Instagram @thatwasepic

How does ThatWasEpic get his money? The YouTuber does not fake his giveaways.

The YouTuber is genuine and makes his money from legit sources.

The primary source of income for Juan ThatWasEpic is YouTube monetization; this is a partnership agreement between creators and the platform and in return, the two parties benefits and get paid.

Another way Juan makes his money is via partner advertising contracts. These are when a company approaches you to advertise their products on your channel to tap into your audience for it to get known or purchased. ThatWasEpic has several of these partnerships, and sponsorships deal with companies like Surfshark VPN, Honey, and SkillShare, just to mention a few.

He also earns money from donations from people who want to support his act of kindness.

Juan is an entrepreneur and the majority of his money comes from his clothing/merchandise which is made of a variety of hoodies, t-shirts, and caps. All of his merchandise can be found on his website,

His hoodies are sold for $59.99 USD, and his caps which comes in different size and color all sell for $29.99 USD. He has featured collections of T-Shirts which sell for $29.99 USD, and Eco-friendly Tees which sell for $34.99 USD.

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