What Car Does Valkyrae Drive? The Streamer Shows Off Her Dream Car

Valkyrae revealed she has bought a brand new car, explaining in a new vlog her reasoning for the purchase and what this means for her going forward.

In her September 20 YouTube video, popular content creator Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter vlogged the journey she went on to pick up her brand new car. The vlog began with her and her friends driving to pick up her Lamborghini, the video then detailing her first drive in the car as well as a small update at the end about her life and plans for the rest of 2022.

Early on in the video, Valkyrae explained the reason for purchasing the new Lamborghini Urus. “My mum’s car broke down and she really loved my car and so I was like hey you can have my car.” As a result, Valkyrae found herself in need of a new car and decided that now was the time to “spend some money” and “splurge” on a big purchase.

“It feels a little sickening how much I spent on this car but I love it.” In the vlog, Valkyrae provided a tour of the car’s interior and exterior – with the car salesman even talking through some of the features and buttons when Valkyrae expressed confusion.

Online, Valkyrae’s community – as well as other content creators –  have been expressing how happy and excited they are for her. Fellow 100 Thieves member AustinShow commented on her Twitter post and asked if she “can come pick him up” next time she is in LA. The likes of BrookeAB, RawTheMonster, and many others also commented to express their happiness for her.

Always one to acknowledge her fans, Valkyrae then thanked her viewers for all the support they have given her over the past 8 years she has been online. “I definitely wouldn’t have the life that I have without you guys supporting me. I have the best team, the best friends, the best community, and the best life and I am so grateful.”

She then concludes by saying that “this is definitely a chapter in my life. A new chapter,” teasing that “there are some cool things coming up” in her life and for future content.

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