What Happened Between IShowSpeed and Drake? Details on Their Hilarious FaceTime

IShowSpeed managed to get a hold of Drake during a February 15 stream, and while the popular rapper was happy to be there at first, things quickly went awry in typical Speed fashion.

IShowSpeed has been one of the fastest-growing personalities on the internet in recent months. Whether it’s his insane antics, collabs with big stars, or his infamous ‘barking’ prank, he’s quickly become one of the biggest streamers on YouTube today.

Naturally, his surging popularity has put him on the radar of a great many personalities, with Drake even on that list. After a brief back and forth in the DMs on Instagram, Speed tried his luck calling the music icon while live streaming on YouTube. To his utter shock, Drake picked up before long, answering the call with a cheesy grin.

“Yo, Drake! What’s good bro?” Speed said, jumping out of his chair in excitement. “You look great right now, what’s up? What are you doing right now?”

At first, the two had a wholesome interaction, with Drake even praising Speed for his recent growth online. Speed’s viewers were just as stunned, struggling to believe that Drake had actually picked up the phone, let alone praised their favorite streamer.

“I’m proud of you boy,” Drake said.

“Damn, this is crazy,” Speed responded. “You’ve gotta understand for me, I’m a huge fan of you.”

However, the conversation shifted as the two debated who the best footballer is: “Ronaldo or Messi?”

“For me, probably Ronaldo to be honest,” Drake answered. “But I know that’s probably not gonna go over well. I know it’s Messi’s moment right now, but for me, I’ve just always been a Ronaldo fan. I’m like you.

“I’ve got a lot of love for you,” he added. “I’m proud of you, you’re doing your thing. I was talking about you the other day.”

It’s after that string of compliments from Drake that things went in the wrong direction. Speed just couldn’t help himself from firing back a compliment of his own… but with some questionable phrasing.

“Bro, your voice is so sexy,” Speed said. “How’s it so smooth like that?” Rather than responding, Drake simply ended the call.

What followed was just another typical rage moment from Speed as he punched his chair and freaked out, realizing he probably won’t get the chance to speak with Drake again anytime soon.

Amusingly enough, it’s not the first time a high-profile celeb has hung up on Speed. MrBeast did exactly the same just a few months prior and resulted in an equally hilarious reaction.

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