Where Is YouTuber AJayll? Death Rumors and All Details On Her Absence Explained?

YouTuber AJayll’s fans raise concerns about her whereabouts, and well-being amid death rumors after she claimed in 2021 it was nothing more than a break.

Reviewing things on YouTube – be it music, a television show, moments in sports, food, or a book – has become quite popular with viewers over the last few years.

In the case of music, there are a few different styles. Some reviewers will get deep into the production of a track or album, while others will dance along and then just give a score at the end of it. 

AJayII has become one of YouTube’s most popular music reviewers, amassing over 840,000 subscribers after a few years of giving her thoughts.

I’ve always enjoyed her positive attitude, it always makes me feel nice to hear someone else express genuine joy and excitement about things we mutually enjoy. When you search for her, the first thing you notice is her beautiful smile! However, she’s been on a bit of a hiatus, and fans have been growing concerned. 

But strangely, she stopped posting on social media and producing content for several months. Rumors about her health and well-being spread like wildfire, and naturally, people were concerned.

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What happened to Ajayll on YouTube? Some social media users even think she is dead.

Everyone really faced a hard time in 2020 when the world was hit with the deadly Covi-19 that claimed the lives of millions of people. It was obvious that Ajyall might have faced situations that were hurting her during such times.

The YouTuber last uploaded a video on December 29, reviewing her favorite songs of 2020, with her last tweet coming almost 10 days earlier on December 20. 

Then she took breaks in 2021. We were in February 2021 and she still hadn’t posted any video yet on her YouTube channel. Some fans bombarded her socials and YouTube comments with posts, asking that she give them a sign that she was ok. 

“Where are you girl, please come back,” one posted in all caps. Are you okay, you haven’t posted in a long time?!? I’m genuinely concerned,” added another. “Thinking about u every day,” read another reply. 

A post on the BreatheHeavy forum from late January 2021 claimed that someone had been in contact with the YouTuber and that she was fine, spending her time playing League of Legends. Again though, this is unconfirmed. 

The post, from a forum mod, indicated that they’d spoken to the YouTuber.

On March 2021, fans and followers of the YouTuber heard good news as she revealed that she was finally back, and naturally, that means she was alive and well.

AJayII posted a new video on her YouTube Channel called ‘2021 Grammy Awards Winners,’ in which she reacts to the winners and shares her thoughts. But before she dove into it, she took a moment to tell fans where she’s been.

“Happy new year. I missed y’all so much. I missed y’all,” she said. “Where the hell have I been, you asked? I took a break, as simple as that. But we are back, honeys. We are back.”

She went ahead to release over 10 other videos in 2021 after announcing her comeback on YouTube. However, she uploaded her last video on the platform titled “Best Albums of 2021” which has garnered over 300K views and hasn’t been posted since then.

The unthinkable happened in 2022 when she deleted her Twitter account in August. She didn’t post in the entire of 2022 and this sparked rumors she might have passed away or lost her passion.

YouTuber AjayII in a witch hat
AjayII’s music reviews and bubbly personality have won her many fans.

Is Ajayll really dead?

YouTuber AJayll’s death was all speculation, and not everyone believed it.

Of course, given her hiatus, rumors have spread, with some fans creating wild speculation about her well-being and whereabouts. Though, nothing has been confirmed. 

Obviously, it could be the case that the YouTuber is simply taking a break and detoxing from social media. 

We’ll just have to wait and see, but fans will be hoping that, given the growing concern, she posts an update at some point soon.

In hindsight, there might have been a bit of an overreaction. But it goes to show how much her fans care about her, which is nice.

We hope you’re okay AJayII! You brought some joy to people and maybe made their days a little brighter or lighter. That’s honestly as much as we can hope to do in this world.

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