Why Did Sway Leave FaZe Clan? FaZeSway Abruptly Quit FaZe Clan Amid Mysterious Social Media Blackout

18-year-old Fortnite pro and content creator Josue Burgos, better known as Sway (FaZeSway), has decided to call time on his tenure with FaZe Clan, leaving the organization of his volition amid a mysterious blackout across social media.

FaZe Sway is no longer — at least if his Twitter is to be believed.

The popular Fortnite personality has opted to depart from the North American organization as of September 13. This announcement, seemingly of his own choice, was made with a simple post on Twitter, declaring that he had parted ways after three years with the group.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear what prompted his sudden exit. FaZe Clan is yet to formally address the situation and Sway is yet to issue a follow-up with further details surrounding his current status. The news simply followed an earlier tweet in which the young content creator claimed he was “done,” shortly thereafter changing his name on Twitter to the same word as well.

Amid the shift, Sway also blacked out a few of his social channels. His profile picture and banner on Twitter are now black along with his Instagram profile too. “Will explain when I’m ready,” he added in an Instagram reel sharing the news.

Sway still appears as a listed member on the official FaZe website for the time being. Dexerto has reached out to FaZe Clan for further information on Sway’s departure.

At just 15 years of age, Sway was the youngest member in FaZe Clan at the time of his arrival in early 2019. Having built a following for his Fortnite skills and flashy edits, Sway soon jumped into the competitive mix too, going at it in many online events over the past few years but struggling to crack above a top six placement.

During his time as a competitive player, Sway was accused of ‘teaming’ in Solo events, later apologizing and opening himself up to any repercussions that came as a result. Most recently, Sway was embroiled in account sharing controversy, seeing his Epic Games creator code stripped permanently.

On the verge of four million YouTube subscribers, Sway is still a relatively active personality to this day, posting a handful of videos a month. Elsewhere, he occasionally streams on Twitch to over 850,000 followers, and frequently shares on Instagram to over three million fans.

Sway assured fans he’ll explain the situation in the near future.

Over the past three years he appeared in multiple collaborative projects with FaZe Clan members and even received his own custom FaZe necklace.

It remains unclear what drove him away from the organization he publicly supported as recently as five days prior with a merch post on Instagram.

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