YouTube Finally Adds Separate Tabs For Live Streams and Shorts On Profiles

YouTube has finally added a long-awaited feature for live streams and Shorts on the platform: separate tabs on profiles. Videos will now be separated by upload style, making it easier to navigate.

With YouTube expanding from regular video content to TikTok-style Shorts and full-length live streams, it has gotten increasingly complicated to navigate the platform.

Shorts, live streams, and regular videos would be thrown into the same collection of videos on a creator’s profile, and it was tedious flicking through them to try and get to the content you wanted to see.

However, that’s all changing with YouTube finally implementing separate tabs for regular videos, Shorts, and live streams on October 27.

“Based on your feedback, we’re beginning to roll out separate tabs for Shorts, live streams, and longform videos on all channel pages,” the company told users on October 27.

“We’ve heard that this will make it easier for viewers to discover the kinds of content they’re most interested in when exploring a creator’s channel page, so we’re excited to bring this to you all!”

It’s now split into three categories: Shorts, Live, and Videos. The first one will only have minute-long videos. The second one will include all live streams ⁠— currently active, scheduled, or previously archived broadcasts. The last one will be the old-school, video-only YouTube.

Shorts and live streams will no longer appear in the videos tab starting from October 27 with the new tabs being shipped out across all devices in the coming weeks.

The feature has been praised by some of the platform’s biggest stars like MrBeastLudwig Ahlgren, and Marques Brownlee.

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