What Is Lensa? AI Filter App Takes Over Social Media

Lensa, a brand-new AI filter app is taking social media by storm, as some users get a major glow-up. So, here’s what you need to know about it.

For years, social media users have been using a wide variety of filters to alter their images – whether it be something that gives them a virtual mask over their face or changes their background to be a wild setting. 

These filters have exploded thanks to the rise of TikTok as well, with everyone wanting to hop onto a new trend and see what the newest computer-generated image makes of their look. These have included the Closed Eyes, Invisible Body, and Fake Smile filters that are still going strong on TikTok especially. 

Most recently, the focus has been on the Lensa AI images. These aren’t just getting love on TikTok, though, as they’ve spread across a number of social media sites and users are in love with the results. 

How to get Lensa AI images for social media trend

Image Source: Rollingstone

Like many of the other filters that have gone viral recently, the Lensa AI images are pretty nifty. You upload a selection of images into the app, wait a few moments, and it spits out the results. 

Some users have been transformed and placed on movie posters, album covers, and much more. Some have even looked like they’ve been teleported right onto a planet out of Star Wars. 

Though, you don’t just have to create AI images either. The app – which is available on both iOS and Android – can be used to touch up any images you might want to tweak and make look a little more natural as well. 

The app itself is free, however, it will cost you a pretty penny to use it over and over again – especially if you want to keep generating AI images. So, be wary of that before diving in. 

Though, plenty of users have already hopped on board with the trend, and it probably isn’t going away any time soon.

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