Hacker Takes Over Amouranth’s OnlyFans and Tries To Steal $900K

Twitch streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa had her OnlyFans account hacked with the culprit trying to steal nearly a million dollars she had yet to withdraw.

Amouranth is the most popular female streamer in the world today and owes a lot of her success to OnlyFans as her content has earned her millions of dollars.

From OnlyFans alone, Amouranth has earned over $33 million dollars over the years and that amount is only going up as she delayed her retirement plans.

Sadly for the streamer, late at night on October 12, a hacker breached her account and could have stolen a very hefty sum she had saved.

Amouranth reveals her OnlyFans was hacked

In a post on Twitter, Amouranth revealed that her main OnlyFans account with a $900,000 balance not yet withdrawn was hacked.

“This is the notice after they tried to add their own bank info,” she said, posting a photo from her computer.

Luckily for the streamer, the hacker was unable to change her bank info to their own, because it could not be verified.

As it turns out, the hacker seems to have some skills as Siragusa explained she had two-factor authentication on, but the nefarious internet user still managed to get through.

Amouranth went on to explain the only reason she had $900K left in her account was because of her settings.

“You can only withdraw at a certain frequency/volume, so I have a special withdraw thing I do with them each quarter,” she added.

Hopefully, the streamer can get her account under control and set up some more security measures to prevent any additional hacks, but at least her money is still intact following this scary encounter.

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