Who Are The Cast Of Against The Ropes Season 1? Meet The Characters Of The New Netflix Show

The newest Netflix series ‘Against the Ropes’ dives into the World of Lucha Libres.

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Against the Ropes on Netflix.

How does a loving mother regain the respect of her daughter after serving time in prison? By becoming a Lucha libre wrestler of course!

That’s the central, intriguing premise of Netflix‘s newest series Against the Ropes. So who’s who in the cast? Read on for our handy guide to the Against the Ropes cast on Netflix.

Caraly Sánchez as Ángela

Caraly Sánchez as Ángela in Against the Ropes

Caraly Sánchez plays Ángela, a mother trying to regain her daughter’s love and respect in Against the Ropes. Before Caraly was cast in the Against the Ropes leading role, her most prominent acting role was that of Jimena in How to Survive Being Single, per her IMDb page.

Scarlet Gruber as Candy Caramelo

Scarlet Gruber as Candy Caramelo

Candy Caramelo isn’t thrilled when Ángela returns from prison. In real life, actor Scarlet Gruber has had an extensive career in television at the age of 33, appearing in hundreds of episodes of shows like the soap opera Quererlo todoSin tu mirada, Tierra de Reyes, and many, many more, per Scarlet’s IMDb page.

Allison Santiago as Rocio

Alisson Santiago as Rocio, Caraly Sanchez as Ángela

Ángela just wants to live her best Gilmore Girls life with her daughter Rocio when she’s released from prison, but Rocio has other ideas.

Actor Alisson Santiago does a fantastic job playing the strong-willed Rocio. Before starring in Against the Ropes, Allison appeared in one episode of Vecinos and she also had a role in the film Presencias.

Michelle Rodríguez as Josefina

Michelle Rodriguez as Josefina

Josefina spots Ángela and Malena training for wrestling early on in Against the Ropes, and eagerly jumps into trying a barrel roll herself — foreshadowing her decision to become a Lucha libre herself (she’s known as Volcana).

In real life, the actor playing Josefina, Michelle Rodríguez, is a famous comedian. Her life story inspired another Netflix series, La Flor Más Bella.

Maria Balam as Malena

Caraly Sanchez as Angela and Maria Balam as Malena

Are you even best friends if you don’t enter the wrestling ring together as Lucha libres? When Ángela becomes determined to better herself (and beat Candy at wrestling), her bestie Malena joins in with her training, becoming a Lucha libre in her own right.

Offscreen, Against the Ropes star Maria Balam is an actor, model, and influencer. Her previous roles included parts in El juego de las llaves and Asphalt Goddess.

Will there be a Season 2 of ‘Against the Ropes’?

All 10 episodes of Against the Ropes are available now to stream on Netflix. So will there be a Season 2 of Against the Ropes?

The final episode of Against the Ropes definitely leaves the door open for a second season. After Candy is declared the victor in her match against Ángela (after cheating to win), Rocio finally realizes how hard her mother has worked in the ring.

Rocio grabs a drum and gets the crowd to chant Ángela’s Lucha libre name — La Novia Negra, the bride in black. The show cuts to black as the crowd continues to cheer for La Novia Negra, leaving room for a second season.

Although Netflix has yet to confirm if Against the Ropes will return for a second season, you can stream all 10 episodes of Against the Ropes Season 1, now on Netflix.

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