How Rich Is Clark Hunt? CEO Of Kansas City Chiefs’ Net Worth, Salary, Forbes Fortune, Income, and More

What is Clark Hunt’s net worth? Clark Hunt has built an NFL Dynasty in the Kansas City Chiefs.

Clark Hunt is the chairman and CEO of the Kansas City Chiefs. The Hunt family is one of the richest families in America and their wealth dates back nearly a century.

Clark Hunt has taken on various roles for the Kansas City Chiefs since joining the franchise in 2005. Since then, the team has made nine playoff appearances, including two AFC championships, and a Super Bowl win. In recent years, the Chiefs have been one of the top teams in the league. The team has made consecutive Super Bowl appearances. After helping build an elite NFL team, what’s Hunt’s net worth?

The Chiefs are making their seventh consecutive playoff appearance on Jan. 16, which is something that many NFL teams haven’t accomplished. The Chiefs’ starting quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, is considered by many to be the face of the NFL. He has been on the cover of two of the last three Madden video games.

Clark Hunt and Patrick Mahomes. SOURCE: GETTY IMAGES
Clark Hunt and Patrick Mahomes. SOURCE: GETTY IMAGES

Who is Clark Hunt?

Hunt is the chairman and the CEO of the Kansas City Chiefs. He became chairman in 2005, and later the CEO in 2010. Hunt’s father, Lamar Hunt, was the founder and owner of the Chiefs until he passed away in 2006. When Lamar passed away, his four children and second wife Norma Hunt inherited ownership stakes in the franchise.

The Hunt family is one of the richest families in the U.S., including Hunt’s three siblings—Sharron, Lamar Jr., and Daniel. Norma is widely regarded as the first lady of football. She has taken on roles in the NFL and she’s the only woman in the league to see all 52 Super Bowls.

How did the Hunt family develop their wealth?

The Hunt family’s fortune dates back to when Lamar’s father H.L. Hunt became an oil tycoon in the early 1900s. H.L. was a talented gambler who used his prize earnings from poker tournaments to purchase land across the country. One of the Texas parcels of land H.L. purchased in 1930 happened to sit atop a massive oil field. After reaping the bountiful profits from the oil field, H.L. used the money to become an oil wildcatter around the world.

H.L. had 14 children and he shared his wealth and knowledge with them. Three of his sons, Nelson Bunker Hunt, Ray Lee Hunt, and William Herbert Hunt entered the oil business under their father. Lamar decided to focus on the sports and entertainment industries. According to Forbes, 11 of H.L.’s children made the 1982 Forbes 400 list of the richest Americans. Currently, the Hunt family has a net worth of approximately $15.3 billion.

While some of his siblings went bankrupt, Lamar made a fortune in sports and entertainment. Lamar founded the MLS (Major League Soccer), World Championship Tennis, and the AFL (American Football League). Before merging his AFL with the NFL in 1966, Lamar was originally denied ownership of an NFL franchise multiple times.

After he was denied, Lamar gathered other businessmen to form the AFL, which consisted of multiple football teams. As the AFL grew in popularity, it merged with the NFL. Originally the Dallas Texans in the AFL, Lamar founded the Kansas City Chiefs franchise in 1960.

What is Clark Hunt’s net worth?

After receiving partial ownership of the Chiefs, Hunt was designated by the family to be the owner in charge of the team’s business operations. The franchise is now worth $2.93 billion, according to Forbes, which is more than twice as much as when Hunt first became the CEO. Hunt has a net worth of approximately $2 billion, according to CelebrityNetWorth.

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