How Rich Is Corinna Kopf? The Streamer Has An Impressive Net Worth and Salary

Corinna Kopf is an OnlyFans model and a social media personality who makes a staggering amount on the internet. How much is she worth now?

Corinna Kopf is a 27-year-old YouTuber, streamer, and Instagram influencer who was a regular fixture in David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad group. 

Corinna Kopf made headlines when she decided to leave Twitch to do gambling streams on Kick. But it wasn’t as controversial of a move as initially believed — it doesn’t really matter where Kopf streams because most of her income comes from OnlyFans.

Kopf has always been the subject of whispers and speculation on Twitch, thanks to her questionable behavior and sensual content. She actually started as a small-time YouTuber and started to grow her platform thanks to her appearance and collaborations with David Dobrik. While she used to make vlogs on YouTube, Kopf moved to Twitch to pursue gaming streams. But her real claim to fame began in 2021 when she joined OnlyFans.

Corinna first bought her own Ferrari in 2020 and on April 2023, she purchased a new one which cost over $500,000 for her ‘best friend’ David Dobrik after making an absolute fortune over the last couple of years. Sharing the post on Instagram, she captioned it with: “I bought my best friend a Ferrari F8,” with several photos of their matching red Ferraris.

Corinna Kopf is making big bucks through her various social media channels and streaming platforms, with her new OnlyFans account supposedly earning her over $1 million (£723,000) a month. So, how much is Corinna Kopf worth right now?

Kopf posing with her Ferrari
Source: Instagram @corinnakopf

What is Corinna Kopf’s net worth?

She rose to fame through Instagram and YouTube, two platforms where she has a massive fan base of people who love and adore her. Kopf is also famous as one of the key members of the popular “Vlog Squad” created by fellow YouTuber David Dobrik. All of these mediums for fame can make one rich.

So, how much is Corinna Kopf’s net worth? The Pouty Girl is said to be worth around $10 million to $12 million. This is largely from her OnlyFans income, but Kopf also makes money on YouTube and Kick. She has used her massive monthly income to buy fancy sports cars, including seven for herself and one for Dobrik.

So, what does Corinna Kopf do for money? Streaming is far from her only source of income. She also has a YouTube channel where she infrequently posts, and is also known for hanging out with popular YouTube star David Dobrik and the ‘Vlog Squad’ on top of her lucrative Instagram account.

Her biggest payday likely comes from OnlyFans, where she makes an eye-popping amount of money per month.

Corinna Kopf earns over $2 million per month from her OnlyFans account, on the best months.

On July 1, 2022, David Dobrik uploaded a short clip to TikTok that’s already racked up over 1 million views just an hour after going live.

In the video, Dobrik shows off Corinna’s monthly payouts from OnlyFans — and they range anywhere from $2.3 million on the high end to $680,000 on the low end.

“This makes me want to f**king vomit,” Dobrik joked. “This is absolutely insane! This is monthly. Monthly!”

It’s no secret that Kopf has been raking in the big bucks from OF; just 48 hours after first making her account back in 2021, she claimed that she’d earned “a little over a million dollars.”

Just two months after that in 2022, Kopf claimed that she’d made $4.2 million. While it’s unclear exactly how much money she’s made since then, it’s clear that she’s doing well for herself, accounting for that $400k Ferrari she bought and flexed on Dobrik’s YouTube channel.

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