Does Chris Olsen Have Siblings and Is He Related To Abbie Herbert?

Are TikTok stars Chris Olsen and Abbie Herbert actually brother and sister?

Some level of fame has come to a wide number of TikTok users for a variety of different reasons. Although some TikTok stars are very open about the details of their personal lives, others are more withholding. That’s why it can be such a surprise when fans learn something about a TikTok star that they never knew before. Sometimes, that revelation is even about an unknown relationship between two prominent TikTokers.

Does Chris Olsen have any siblings?

Recently, TikToker Abbie Herbert gained a ton of attention on TikTok for posting a video that featured Chris Olsen in which she referred to him as her “brother.” The TikTok shows Chris meeting her nine-month-old baby for the very first time, along with the caption “BEST SURPRISE ?❤️ LIKE FOR MORE UNCLE CHRIS & POOT.” Fans were initially confused about whether Abbie was using terms like “uncle” and “brother” literally.

is Chris Olsen related to Abbie Herbert?
Abbie Herbert

The full video, which was filmed after Chris traveled down from Pittsburgh to visit his apparent sister, shows him jumping for joy at the chance to meet his niece for the first time. The video naturally left many confused about what Chris and Abbie’s relationship actually was, and neither one has actually taken the step of confirming that they are blood relatives.

Some fans did comment under the video to say that Abbie’s maiden name was Olsen and that it only changed to Herbert following her marriage. If that’s true, then it seems like Abbie and Chris probably are brother and sister, and they both became famous on TikTok independent of their connection to one another. When fans saw the video, though, they were shocked by what was new information for them.

Fans weigh in on Abbie and Chris’s relationship.

“There is no way that is your brother,” one person wrote in response to the video.

“Dots are not connecting for me. All I want to know is why did it take sooooo long to meet??” another person added.

“Show us proof when you two were younger,” one person demanded, as if TikTok users are required to prove the details of their lives to the people who follow them.


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Does Chris Olsen have any other siblings?

It’s unclear whether Chris has any other siblings, and given how surprising this revelation was for many fans, it seems like he has only offered selective details about his personal life to the millions who follow him on social media. It’s not like he was hiding the fact that Abbie was his sister, though. He let her post about it on TikTok, he just didn’t go out of his way to explain the connection.

Chris and Abbie’s family life will never be totally clear to their followers unless they take the time to explain it themselves. Plenty of amateur sleuths are going to work overtime to find connections between them. One of the nice things about TikTok, though, is that you only have to reveal as much of yourself as you want to.

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