TikToker, Edon Sama’s Wholesome Meetup With Corinna Kopf Surprising Her With A Gift At Oktoberfest Goes Viral

A TikToker found himself going viral online after approaching streamer Corinna Kopf at Oktoberfest to give her a gift.

Corinna Kopf is an extremely popular online personality. Boasting over 1 million followers on Twitch, where she streams a variety of games, she’s also got a lucrative career on OnlyFans and a prosperous following on Instagram.

As such, it makes sense that her content garners quite a few eyeballs — but one small-time TikToker had no idea her presence in one of his videos would skyrocket him to viral status.

TikToker ‘Edon-Sama‘ is a self-professed fan of Corinna Kopf. He ended up noticing the streamer at Oktoberfest, a German festival held in Autumn.

Determined to meet the internet-famous star, Edon purchased a fake rose for her and approached Kopf while she was in the middle of playing a game at a carnival stall with friends.

TikToker’s wholesome meetup with Corinna Kopf goes viral

Their interaction was nothing short of adorable, and Edon even got a hug out of the deal. However, he didn’t expect that his TikTok documenting his meeting with Kopf would go viral.

“I was so excited that I trembled,” he admitted. “But she was very kind and sweet. She’s so beautiful and promised to come to Albania.”

Edon’s clip has racked up over 3 million views since being posted on September 26, with commenters both admiring the TikToker and poking fun at him for asking Kopf for a hug.

That’s not all; Edon’s rose also featured in one of Corinna’s recent Instagram posts, which has also racked up just shy of one million likes.

Corinna Kopf poses with a fan's rose
Corinna Kopf poses with a fan’s rose

There are far worse ways for fans to go viral when meeting their favorite content creators, and it looks like Edon definitely got the more favorable outcome — unlike a fan who asked out Pokimane during a TwitchCon meet and greet.

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