How Old Is Jack Wright Today? TikTok Star Jack Wright Hits Out At “Toxic” influencers in Los Angeles

TikTok superstar Jack Wright has offered his perspective on living in a “toxic” Los Angeles and how influencer culture has affected his life.

With over 11.3 million followers on TikTok, you’ll likely have seen Jack Wright emerge onto your FYP at some point. Boasting a further 2.6 million followers across YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram – Wright is mostly known for his travel videos and comedic clips.

In 2019, Wright joined Hype House, which has featured the likes of the D’Amelio sisters and Addison Rae in the past.

Having embarked on his podcasting venture, Wright has shared an insight into the life of influencer culture.

Jack Wright avoids “backstab” influencer culture amid podcast launch

Back in September, Wright launched his new podcast, known as Me Time. Wright explained to The Daily Dot that it is “the perfect podcast to just talk about our mental health and our healthy ways to cope with issues that take place in life, especially being in L.A. and, like, how toxic people can be.”

Though Wright has enjoyed success through his viral content, the creator maintains that it is vital not to lose sight of who you are. “It does get so toxic and you do need those people around you. I guess staying true to yourself is the best thing.

It’s easy to come to L.A. or become an influencer and kind of change as a person.”

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The urge to become viral does have its disadvantages, though. “A lot of people have wrong intentions when they move here… they’ll backstab you just cause they aren’t there to be friends with you. It’s to benefit themselves,” Wright said on the nature of influencer culture.

“I was in Hype House for probably two and a half years maybe…I think I’ve learned so much from just being in a content house too. It’s very different than living in a normal house with your friends,” Wright said in regard to his time with Hype House.

In the future, Wright is looking to expand his career with acting and a potential product line. Wright said he’d like to start “collabing with a chapstick brand, a surfboard brand, or a coffee brand, you know. I think that would be so cool, collabing with one of these brands and kind of putting my own ideas into it.”

How old is Jack Wright?

Jack Wright is a famous TikTok star best known for his viral videos and being a member of The Hype House in LA.

Jack Wright is American. He was born in Temecula, California, and raised there with his family. He studied at Oakland High School before moving to LA after becoming a TikTok celebrity and joining the Hype House.

Jack Wright is 19 years old. He was born in 2003 and his birthday is March 29. He is one of the youngest members of The Hype House.

Jack Wright’s star sign is Aries. According to zodiac experts, Aries are passionate, optimistic, warm, and determined. They also tend to be spontaneous and direct.

Jack Wright is 6 feet tall. This means his height is 1.83 metres.

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