What Was Kanye West Trying To Do With That Yoohoo Bottle and Net On Infowars?

Kanye West mocks Israel’s Prime Minister-Elect Benjamin Netanyahu with a Yoohoo Bottle and Net.

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse with Kanye West, they did. The rapper and father of four has recently been under fire for his antisemitic remarks — which have consequently cost him many of his business deals, including his partnership with Adidas.

And while we all wish Kanye — who has changed his name to Ye — would finally take a hint and stop spreading hate, he only seems to be getting worse. On Dec. 1, he appeared on Infowars, hosted by Alex Jones. He wore a black mask on his face, which seemingly appeared to be by Balenciaga.

In between sharing his prejudiced views and praising Hitler, Ye put on a little prop comedy performance which included a Yoohoo chocolate drink bottle and an insect net. To sum up his presentation, it was extremely hard to follow and just ridiculously out-of-line. Even Alex, aka the conspiracy theorist who claimed Sandy Hook shooting was all a hoax, looked baffled.

kanye west
Kanye West.

What was Kanye West trying to do with that Yoohoo bottle and net?

In the video below, Ye whips out an insect net and a Yoohoo bottle as he proceeds to mock incoming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an extremely high-pitched voice.

Basically, Ye was trying to act out Netanyahu’s name with a small “net” and a bottle of “Yoohoo.” He explained that he had only learned Netanyahu’s name two weeks ago, but felt it would only be best to shorten it to “Netan” and decided to drop the “yahu.”

Kanye West got banned from Twitter.

Following his horrifying interview, Ye did even more damage. He took to Twitter to share a variety of hateful comments, including an altered image of the Star of David with a swastika inside. Early on Dec. 2, Twitter head Elon Musk suspended his account as a result.

“I tried my best. Despite that, he again violated our rule against incitement to violence. Account will be suspended,” Elon wrote in a tweet.

Ye was also suspended from Twitter over an antisemitic tweet back in October.

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