Are Lev Cameron and Piper Rockelle Still Together? The Famous YouTube Couple Announce Their Breakup

Popular YouTuber Lev Cameron and his girlfriend Piper Rockelle have revealed they’ve broken up – but is it true? Read on for more.

Social media has become a popular place for couples to share photos and videos highlighting the best parts of their relationships. YouTube, in particular, has served as a platform for couples to post prank videos, Q&A sessions, travel clips, and more.

One of the famous YouTube couples of this generation is Lev Cameron and Piper Rockelle. They posted something teasing that their relationship might be over in a YouTube video posted on July 20, 2022. The title of the video asks, “Did we break up?” in all capitals. What exactly happened between these two — and are they done for good? Their fans want the scoop.

Lev Cameron and Piper Rockelle

Did Lev Cameron and Piper Rockelle break up? These are the details.

Lev and Piper posted a video giving their viewers some insight into what’s going on in their relationship. Throughout the course of the video, they answered a series of questions sent in from their fans. It turns out that there’s good news for anyone shipping this YouTube couple for life.

Based on how lovey-dovey they were acting in the YouTube video, their relationship is totally still intact. One of the questions they were asked is about whether or not they’ve ever gotten into an actual fight.

They admitted to having small arguments in the past, but never any real fights. Piper noted that their fights are typically never about them and usually about other people. Another question for the couple was about who wears the pants in the relationship.

In other words, who calls the shots and acts as the leader? Piper claimed she used to be the pants wearer while Lev said he simply didn’t know. The cameraman filming the video interjected to say he felt like Piper and Lev were pretty equal. A third question for the couple was about what their favorite memory together is.

Lev racked his brain for a second before the cameraman interjected once again. He dropped some details about a trip they all took to Myrtle Beach together as a group.

Lev finally revealed his favorite memory to be his first kiss with Piper. While filming the YouTube video, Piper and Lev were seated super close to each other in two chairs.

They affectionately leaned toward each other most of the time showing positive body language signs. At one point, they even shared a super sloppy and playful smooch on the mouth. A breakup doesn’t seem to be in the cards for this YouTube couple now or anytime soon.

Lev Cameron's comment section

Here’s what fans of Lev Cameron and Piper Rockelle have to say about their relationship.

Several people in the comment section on the couples’ YouTube video have chimed in with their opinions. One person wrote, “I love how they even think of future together, this is called a healthy relationship.” Another person added, “They really undestand and respect each others worlds, this is what makes them such a powerful couple!”

A third person said, “Liper really has such an adorable, true, honest relationship that even adults can learn from them.” The fan sweetly referred to the couple as Liper which is a combination of both of their first names.

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