Are Alena Maze and Joe Lee Rich? How Much Is Mazelee’s Net Worth? Salary, Income, YouTube Earnings Explained!

What is Mazelee’s net worth and how much do they make on YouTube? Here’s the rundown of the fortune of the YouTube couple.

Alena Maze is a living example of a person who breaks stereotypes, racism, and cultural differences.

She is also a wonderful mother who beautifully balances work and home. Her husband Joe and their kids are very supportive and loving which makes the Mazelee family one of a kind.

Both Joe and Alena have attended a number of interviews spreading positivity and faith in God. They have interacted with Chirp Radio, Beyond Black, PopSugar, and White just to mention a few. Their talks on embracing cultural differences are highly applauded.

Alena is an American content creator working alongside her husband Joe Lee on the family-oriented multicultural media YouTube channel MAZELEE. The couple would use their space to discuss the dynamics of a blended Black and Korean family, expressing the ups and downs through vlogs. 

The channel is home to the viral “Dad and Kids JuJu On That Beat Accident” which earned approximately 5 million views.

They now (as of the time of this article) have 2.28 million subscribers and huge followings on other media platforms. The growing number of audiences they’ve gained has added up to their impressive fortune. So, how much money does Mazelee make on YouTube, and what is their net worth?

The Mazelee YouTube channel

Their channel was created on April 8, 2009.

It has accumulated over 2.28 million subscribers with a total of 409,146,746 views.

The first-ever uploaded video on the channel was titled “My first curly hair routine” and the most viewed video on the channel is “A day in our life“. These videos have 105K views and 18 million views respectively as of 2022.

The channel is ranked the 1,061st most subscribed channel on YouTube, and the 825th most subscribed channel in the United States.

The channel is full of pranks, challenges, and family-related entertainment content that mostly features all their seven kids, and some family members.

How much money does Mazelee make on YouTube?

The Mazelee YouTube channel generates estimated earnings of $34 – $549 in a day from YouTube, according to Social Blade.

In a week, the Mazelee channel earns estimated revenue of $240 – $3.8K from YouTube.

In a month, the Mazelee YouTube channel makes an estimated income of $1K – $16.5K from YouTube ads.

In a year, the Mazelee YouTube channel makes an estimated salary of $12.4K – $197.8K from displayed ads on YouTube.

Mazelee's net worth

What is the Mazelee family’s net worth?

Mazelee is a collective name consisting of Joe Lee and his wife Alena Maze Lee. They are a couple famous on YouTube who vlog with their 8 kids and reportedly have a net worth of less than $1 million.

Their sources of income are YouTube ads, sponsored posts on social media, partnerships with companies and brands, and the selling of merchandise.

Their net worth is expected to skyrocket in the coming years as they keep on with their various endeavors.

Alena Maze of the Mazelee family

Who is Alena Maze?

Dr. Alena Maze is an African American who is a mathematician just like her parents. She was born and brought up in the US.

Alena is 36 years old and was born on September 3, 1985, in the United States. Her birth sign is Virgo.

Her ethnicity is from Africa and she faced a number of challenges in her childhood. Racism is something that was very common throughout her life.

Breaking barriers, Alena successfully completed her degree from Georgetown University and became a mathematical statistician. She began working as a mathematical statistician for the US Federal Government in 2010. 

They spoke extensively about the purpose of life and how God has gifted it to them.

In May 2021, she became the first-ever African American to complete a Ph.D. in Survey Methodology and earned a doctorate from the University of Maryland, College Park. 

“What’s a Survey Methodologist? Well, I’m a Survey Statistician, so specifically, I research the math behind surveys,” she said. “Suppose we want more information on how diabetes affects women ages 30-40, in order to develop better treatment courses. Well in a perfect world, we would like to send out a survey (i.e., a series of questions) to all women ages 30-40 with diabetes. However, this is not practical for many reasons. So instead we chose a smaller group (called a sample), say 2,000 women from that same population to represent the whole population of 30-40-year-old women with diabetes.”

Alena Maze is also a data analyst who owns a YouTube channel along with her husband Joe Lee. She is a mother to seven children and together they share various ideologies on racism and culture.

Alena Maze shares things about her work life and her life as a mother/wife. This includes videos that focus on budgeting for a homemaker, skincare tips, and maintenance of the home.

It’s no question that Maze will continue to be successful in all she does.

How did Alena Maze and Joe Lee meet?

Alena Maze is, quite literally, a superwoman — seemingly capable of doing it all.

According to her remarkable story on PopSugar, the wife and mother fell in love with her husband, Joe Lee, when she was 13 years old. But time and chance made them lose touch. They reconnected again when they were a little older, but it took a second time of losing touch before they realized what they meant to one another. Finally, on their third serendipitous encounter, they gave their relationship another try.

Today, Maze and Joe Lee are married and have seven children in a blended family. But, she said, she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

“Growing up, my mother helped to raise many children in the foster care system,” she said to PopSugar. “I always loved having lots of children around and knew I wanted to have many children of my own. My favorite part of being a mom is being able to live in the footsteps of my mother and my grandmother. I feel proud to have been handed down this motherhood title. I’m learning a lot from my own children and growing myself with the challenges and victories of motherhood.”

Alena Maze and Joe Lee are popular YouTube couple who bring high-quality family-oriented multicultural media to their over 2 million subscribers Youtube channel. They document their journey to find their purpose in the will of God. While revealing the dynamics of a multicultural blended family and a Black and Korean relationship, the couple transparently expresses their struggles and successes through cinevlogs (cinematic vlogs).

Alena’s family youtube channel was nominated for the 10th Annual Shorty Awards under the category parenting/ family.

Who is Joe Lee and what does he do for a living?

Joe Lee is 36 years old and was born on September 24, 1985, in the United States but he is originally a Korean. His birth sign is Libra.

Joe Lee is a Korean-American Youtuber and the Patriarch of the MazeLee Channel. He has also worked as a director of photography, street photographer, and photojournalist for various cinematic vlogs.

Initially, the YouTube channel belonged to his wife, Alena Maze. It debuted in 2009. He joined the team in 2015 or so. Joe’s YouTube channel was a Shorty Award finalist in the category of family/parenting.

Joe is well-known not only on YouTube but also on social media. On Instagram, he has over 150K followers under the handle “streetevoker.”

How many kids does Mazelee have and what are their names?

Alena Maze and Joe Lee are parents of 8 kids with the gender of their last child who was born on September 30th, 2022, revealed as a male. She became a mother of three children from her previous relationship while living in the Washington D.C. area. and then married Joe Lee, a Korean photojournalist.

They saw cultural differences as an opportunity to grow and created a youtube channel, Mazelee in 2009. Alena had four more kids with Lee and most of their everyday videos featured their children.

The names of her seven children are Amyah, Akyli, Azaio, Arazo, Ajedi, Ajoui, and Baby they document their journey to find their purpose in the will of God. The name of their 8th son is yet to be revealed.

Amyah and Akyli, the oldest of the couple’s kids are in high school.

Alena’s YouTube channel and Instagram handles give a glimpse of her life as a mother of seven and how she balances her work life.

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