Pink Sauce Creator Chef Pii Slammed After Talk Show Appearance Backfires

The creator of TikTok’s viral Pink Sauce, Chef Pii, recently appeared on a talk show — but her comments during the broadcast aren’t sitting well with critics.

Earlier this year, TikTok became inundated with drama surrounding ‘Pink Sauce,’ a viral, pink-colored condiment created by influencer-chef ‘Chef Pii.’

The brightly-colored sauce sparked interest from many users on the platform, but that interest quickly turned to outrage after customers who purchased a bottle of the condiment experienced issues with the product.

From complaints of receiving spoiled sauce to mislabeled ingredients and more, netizens quickly called out Chef Pii for not getting her product approved by the FDA before shipping a sauce with perishable ingredients out across the country in blazing summertime heat.


@slay has a great video diving into food safety and regulations for shelf stable products. #thepinksauce #legal #shelfstable #preppertok #cottagelaw

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Since then, Chef Pii has partnered with Dave’s Gourmet to release an official, FDA-approved version of Pink Sauce in major retailers across the country — but that isn’t cutting it for viewers after she appeared on a talk show in September.

Chef Pii faces backlash after confronting Pink Sauce critic on talk show

Chef Pii sat down for a stint on the Karamo Show, where she confronted one of her critics, a TikToker named ‘Allured Beauty,‘ who’d sent Pink Sauce to a lab for testing.

During the episode, Chef Pii accused her of “fabricating” their claims about her product and “trying to tear down my business and my livelihood.”

“There was a young lady on social media,” Chef Pii said of the critic. “She took it as the moment to say, ‘Hey, this is my moment to become viral.’ And that is what happened. She became viral from posting that video.”

Chef Pii is the viral Pink Sauce lady. Pink Sauce coming to stores this fall 2022
Chef Pii partnered with Dave’s Gourmet to create an FDA-Approved version of Pink Sauce, slated to hit major retailers this fall.

Pii’s comments have sparked backlash across the internet, most notably after YouTuber MoistCritikal’ reacted to her episode of the Karamo Show on October 13.

“I’m sure the sauce was fine in person,” Critikal said. “But you can’t ship it like that and ignore all regulations.”

“You shipped material that can’t be shipped, and it spoiled for almost all of your customers!” he continued. “Was rotten. And you’re just mad at her for pointing it out and getting it tested? Oh, my god. This is actually kinda wild.”

YouTuber Atozy also hit out at Chef Pii in a series of videos — and the comments beneath both creators’ content are rife with criticism against the Pink Sauce creator for her attitude toward her critic.

At the time of writing, it seems as though the official Karamo Show YouTube channel has removed their video of the Pink Sauce episode, as well as their tweet promoting the episode.

Pink Sauce is slated to hit shelves in most major retailers this fall.

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