Who Are Stephen Twitch Boss’s Parents – Does He Have Siblings? Details On His Family

Stephen Twitch Boss’s extended family left devastated, including his parents.

Many fans are understandably shaken by the news that Stephen “tWitch” Boss, who worked as the DJ on Ellen and was widely known in the dance world, had died.

The news of his death also left many people wanting to know more about Stephen’s life, including what things were like for him growing up, and who his parents and siblings are. Keep reading for all the details.

Who are Stephen “tWitch” Boss’s parents?

twitch boss mom

Stephen was born and raised in Montgomery, Ala., and studied dance first at Southern Union State Community College in Alabama before continuing his studies at Chapman College.

He recently gave his mom, Connie Boss Alexander, a shoutout on his Instagram page in honor of her birthday, writing, “Mom thank you for life and thank you for love. Love you to the moon and back and back again.”

Did Stephen “tWitch” Boss have any siblings?

As is the case with his parents, it isn’t clear whether Stephen had any siblings or whether he was an only child. Either way, though, it seems evident that he was at least close with his grandfather, who spoke to him days before his death.

Eddy Boss, Stephen’s 84-year-old grandfather, said that Stephen, who appears to have died by suicide, wasn’t showing any obvious signs of distress in the days leading up to his death.

Stephen 'tWitch' Boss with his wife and kids. SOURCE: GETTY IMAGES
Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss with his wife and kids.

“We spoke as recently as Saturday on more than one occasion,” Eddy said while speaking with The Daily Mail. “He was the same happy-go-lucky person that he’s always been. We had no indication that anything was out of the ordinary. He was a very humble, generous person. He brought light into everybody’s lives. We’re completely devastated right now.

“All I can say is he was a beautiful person that contributed so much to this world and to everyone he met in a positive way,” Eddy continued. “We miss him dearly and we’re hurting tremendously.”

Eddy also encouraged those reading the interview to look out for their own loved ones, and said that the last message he received from Stephen simply said “I love you Dad-Dad,” although he didn’t know what it meant at the time.

Stephen had just celebrated his ninth wedding anniversary.

Although not much is known about the family that Stephen came from, we do know more about his wife and three children. Stephen married Allison Holker, a fellow So You Think You Can Dance alum, in 2013, and he also adopted her daughter. In 2016 they had a son, and in 2019 they had a daughter. The two missed each other when they were first on the reality competition series, but met when they both joined the show as all-stars.

“She says she made the first move,” Boss said during an interview in August 2012. “I was completely oblivious to it. I’m really thickheaded.”

The two eventually fell for each other at the cast wrap party, and they were then married for almost a decade. Now, Allison and her family are sure to be experiencing the severe grief that comes with this kind of loss.

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