Did Travis Scott Cheat On Kylie Jenner With His Ex-Girlfriend Rojean Kar? The Drama Explained

Travis Scott caught up in a cheating scandal with his ex-girlfriend, Rojean Kar (YungSweetro) who claims the rapper cheats on Kylie Jenner – how true is this drama?

La Flame’s rekindling an old flame, it seems. Travis Scott was recently spotted along with his rumored ex-girlfriend, Rojean Kar, at an undisclosed set for an undisclosed project, most likely a music video.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed the two posted different Instagram stories at the same location, and you can see the “SICKO MODE” rapper talk to a crewmember in Kar’s clip.

Sooner than we all thought, fans began to speculate that Travis Scott was unfaithful and had cheated on his baby mama, Kylie Jenner. So, did Travis Scott really cheat on Kylie?

Travis Scott
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Did Travis Scott cheat on Kylie Jenner with his ex-girlfriend, Rojean Kar?

Travis and Rojean Kar have been linked to each other since 2013 at the earliest, even though their relationship was never confirmed publicly. They posted pictures together and Kar was spotted backstage at a few of his concerts, but the rumor mill shut down once Travis started dating Kylie Jenner publicly in 2017. Since then, many have believed Kar to post indirect jabs and subs at Kylie through social media, and it was even rumored that she was the reason Travis and Kylie broke up in 2019.

In Kar’s Instagram post, she included a text box that read “I’m directing obvi.” She even responded with since-deleted comments to rumors of them being together in The Shade Room‘s comments, saying that she didn’t even know the rapper was there. Some users aren’t buying it, and still, think she’s throwing subs at Kylie. To that, she responded: “Maybe you think about her all day long but I sure don’t.”

Readers may be aware that Travis and Kylie are at least reportedly still together, as it was recently revealed that they want to change their second child’s name. Still, many fans are unsure about whether it’s an open relationship.

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While Travis gets that shoot underway (regardless of fling rumors), it was recently announced that his legal team was not involved in the first settlement for the Astroworld tragedy and that Live Nation is instead handling the lawsuits.

Travis Scott with Kylie Jenner

Travis Scott shuts down cheating rumors after his ex, Rojean Kar claimed that he cheats on Kylie “every f*cking night.”

Apparently, the rumors were too much for Trav to handle, so he quickly hopped online to shut them down. He shared, “It’s a lot of weird sh*t going on.” The 31-year-old continued by claiming that Rojean, somehow, snuck onto the closed set where he was directing a video.

“I’m saying this for the last time. I don’t know this person. So please, stop with the continuous cyber games and the fictional storytelling,” he concluded.

Quickly after sharing his statement, Rojean took to her IG story to make posts of her own. In a video, she said, “What we’re not going to do is we’re not going to lie on me.”

She disputed Trav’s allegations that he did not know her by adding, “You’ve definitely been with me… Everyone has seen you with me… I have pictures and videos of you with me… come on, sir.”

Rojean also attacked his relationship with Kylie, alleging that he’s been unfaithful to her multiple times, “You cheat on that b*tch every f*cking night. The whole f*cking city sees it. Don’t do this.”

Her rant continued by claiming that she was “too nice” to Travis to begin with. While everyone urged her to get money from interviews, her response was “No, I don’t want to be associated with this man. I don’t want to be known for this.”

Lastly, she coined the rapper “the sh*ttiest human being that has ever walked the earth.”

As it stands now, Kylie and Travis are still together, however, as to whether the rapper cheated on his current partner with his ex-girlfriend, Rojean Kar remain unclear, there are no claims to it, despite him denying having any affair the mother of his kids.

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