Who Is Clifton Powell Jr.’s Father? Actor Clifton Powell Shares Advice He Gives His Son Who’s Dating Sasha Obama

Actor Clifton Powell has spoken and confirmed his son is in a relationship with Sasha Obama, the second daughter of former President Barack Obama.

It has been rumored that Clifton Powell Jr., the son of actor of Clifton Powell, has been dating Sasha Obama. The two have been spotted out together, however, official confirmation of their relationship has not been established until now.

Clifton Powell's son Clifton Powell Jr. with his girlfriend Sasha Obama
Sasha Obama and Clifton Powell Jr.

During a recent interview on the “Dear Fathers Podcast,” veteran actor Clifton Powell spoke about his son’s relationship with one of America’s former First Daughters.

During the interview, when asked if Clifton Jr. had come to him for any advice, Clifton Sr. said, “They’ve been going out for about a year and it just hit the press right.” He then proceeded to share how his current relationship has helped him with giving advice to his son when it comes to his relationship with Sasha Obama.

“We love the Obamas, but Mr. Obama has a daughter that is dating my son and I have an opportunity and a responsibility to make my son responsible, gentle, kind, loving, and supportive. The things that I did not get taught. So I text him all the time, and I say treat Sasha like you would want somebody to treat your daughter,” he added.

As previously reported, Page Six shared that Sasha and Clifton Powell Jr. met at the University of Southern California after she transferred to the school last fall. They were photographed together last month, and that’s when people started to talk about their relationship.