5 Side Effects of Ginger Or Adrak – Is Too Much Ginger Good For Your Health?

Ginger is one of the common spices that is consumed by people. But do you know this antioxidant to has side effects? Know here.

Ginger, also known as Adrak, is a popular spice used in a variety of cuisines. This root vegetable has a warm, pungent flavor and many therapeutic properties. This is why ginger is used in many home remedies to cure common ailments such as colds, coughs, digestion issues, stomach pain, and even bodily aches and other health issues. However, many people consume too much ginger, which can cause major health problems.

Excess ginger use can lead to cardiac problems, and diarrhea, and can increase the risk of miscarriage. It may also react with medications and reduce blood pressure. Herbalists recommend not to consume more than four grams of ginger in one day. When consumed in high amounts, ginger can produce heartburn, gas, bloating, nausea, and stomach discomfort. However, many of us are aware of the potential negative effects of this beautiful herb, even if we are aware of its benefits and treatments.

Though ginger may not affect everyone, it can give us cause for concern without realising it. Given below are the adverse effects of ginger, and precautions that one must be aware of.

5 Side Effects of Ginger that you must know:

1. Cardiac Problems

Is Too Much Ginger Good For Your Health? 5 Side Effects of Ginger Or Adrak

Heart palpitations are one of the negative effects of ginger on the heart. Ginger is known to cause heart palpitations, blurred eyesight, and insomnia in high dosages. It can also result in low blood pressure, which can lead to heart attacks. It is highly advisable to consume this root in a low dosage.

2. Pregnant Women Should Avoid

Is Too Much Ginger Good For Your Health? 5 Side Effects of Ginger Or Adrak

Early uterine contractions are a negative effect of Ginger that should be avoided during pregnancy. This is why it is recommended that pregnant women avoid or limit their intake of ginger during this time. Excess ginger can also cause severe heartburn and acid reflux during pregnancy. Ginger’s effects on an unborn baby are yet to be proven, therefore it’s best to avoid it.

3Harmful for diabetic patients

Excessive consumption of ginger can be harmful to diabetic patients. It can lower the blood pressure in the body which might cause dizziness and exhaustion. Too much ginger, combined with other diabetic medications, can be quite risky. Before taking Ginger, it is always advisable to seek medical counsel.

4. Stomach Upset

Ginger increases bile production, which improves digestion. If your stomach is empty, however, this may result in excessive gastric stimulation, resulting in digestive irritation and an upset stomach. The active ingredient in ginger is considered to irritate the stomach, causing it to create more acid. This could make you feel uneasy.

5Skin and Eye Allergic Reactions

In some cases, too much ginger might cause allergic reactions. Rashes on the skin, as well as redness in the eyes, dyspnea, itching, swollen lips, itchy eyes, and throat discomfort, are the most common symptoms of this condition. In such instances, it is best to stop using the medication and visit a doctor right away.

Having ginger in a moderate amount can avoid these complications.

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