10 Kid Dhar Mann Actors: Net Worth, Bio, Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Parents, Height, Casts, Photos, Etc

Facts about Dhar Mann actors; Ayden Mekus, Sofia Chicorelli Serna, Brianni Walker, Emmanuel Royal, Devon Weetly, Charlotte Pulley, Neela Jolene, Sophia Sluyter and other child casts that every fan should know.

Dhar Mann is an intelligent media star running multiple businesses and has earned massive success at the start of his career.

Dhar Mann is a seasoned entrepreneur and one of the storytellers with the highest-viewed inspiration content creators. His content is mainly composed of motivational, inspiring, educational, and uplifting self-improvement videos about life relationships and business.

The young man has gained tremendous popularity and millions of followers through his inspiring videos on YouTube. The primary purpose of his motivational videos is to push the other people who are struggling in their lives. Therefore, his videos gain billions of views and are shared by several times.

It is a simple production, with amazingly talented actors and a well-choreographed narrative. You will be marveled at the cast’s phenomenal depiction of their characters. Dhar Mann web video Series is amongst the best miniseries on YouTube for the young generation and mature people as well.

Do you want to know Dhar Mann kids actors’ real names? They are young and immensely talented individuals that have managed to give the audience great entertainment. The web motivational series has captured the attention of numerous young people.

The names of some but all of the kid actors in Dhar Mann are Ayden Mekus, Sofia Chicorelli Serna, Angelee Vera, Brianni Walker, Emmanuel Royal, Devon Weetly, Kiarra Beasley, Sophia Sluyter, Charlotte Pulley, Neela Jolene, Orion Hunter (student), Julian Vidaurrazaga (student), Nathaniel Sanchez (student), Sherman Kim (student), Nicholas Shields (student), Bubba Ali, Motown Maurice, Anthony Ruggieri (student), Bijan Ali, Marsaille Wells, Shai Culver.

Below are facts about 10 child actors mostly found in Dhar Mann studios videos;

1. Sofia Chicorelli Serna

Dhar Mann Actors

Sofia Chicorelli Serna, also popular as Psycho Mantis, is a renowned American child actress and YouTuber. She is well recognized for starring in a 2018 American action-war film “12 Strong” and others like Game TherapyLikewise, Sofia has been in the spotlight recently due to her role in a mini-TV series Dhar Mann. The series consists of short, motivational videos focused on life, business, and relationships

Sofia Chicorelli Serna was born on January 22, 2007, in California, United States. So, apparently, she is 14 years of age at present. Furthermore, talking about her nationality, she is an American. And, similarly, she belongs to mixed ethnicity. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius. 

Moreover, discussing her educational background, Sofia is still learning. She has not shared any details about her education anyways. But considering her age, she must be in ninth grade. Likewise, Sofia has not revealed the name of the school she attends. 

Moving on to her family background, Sofia Chicorelli belongs to a loving and supportive family. She was born to her father Huseyin Chicorelli and her mother Janet Serna. However, there is no further information about them except their names. Serna is quite secretive when it comes to her private details. Well, we have no idea about what her parents do for a living and also their background. 

Is Sofia Chicorelli Serna dating? Who is Sofia Chicorelli Serna’s boyfriend?: Serna is too young to be dating anybody at present. So, she is single. However, in the future, she is certainly planning to be with someone who loves her for being herself. But now she is keeping all her focus on her studies and career and enjoying quality time with her family and friends. 

What are Sofia Chicorelli Serna’s social media accounts? The beautiful young actress is available on Instagram and YouTube with a huge fan following. On Instagram, she goes with the username @chicorelli_lite and has gathered 105k followers. Likewise, she has gathered 1.79k subscribers on her self-named YouTube channel. 

What is Sofia Chicorelli Serna’s Net Worth? How much does she earn from her career? Sofia began her acting career in the year 2015 making her debut in the movie Heritage. So, it has been almost six years now. Likewise, she is active in her YouTube career and has a good amount of fan following. Hence, there is no denying that she acquires a decent sum from her career. 

As of 2021, according to some online sources, her estimated net worth is ranged between $500k – $1 million, which is an impressive sum for fourteen years old. She earns such a significant amount from her acting and social media career. 

Sofia Chicorelli Serna’s height and body measurement: Her height in feet: 4 feet 11 inches 
Centimeter: 149 cm and in Meter: 1.49 m. Her weight in Kilogram: 41 kg and in Pounds: 90 lb. Serna is slim and has brown colored hair and eye. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Sofia’s boyfriend is not known at the moment. 

2. Brianni Walker

Dhar Mann Actors

Brianni Walker is a 14-year-old actress, a rapper, a model, and an Anti-bully advocate. She was born on January 3, 2007. She is a 2 times Jr. Oscar and Young Entainers award winner. Brianni becoming a household name internationally due to roles in Dhar Mann Changing Lives TV Mini-Series, which has generated 16 billion views, 40 million subscribers.

She resides in Compton Ca. In 2021 Brianni won Best Youth/Teen Actress Global Youth Awards. Young Entertainer as Best Teen Actress in Dhar Mann Changing Lives TV Mini-Series. Brianni wrote her 1st song “We Must Rise Up, Stop The Bullying to bring awareness and stop Cyberbullying /Bullying. Has partnerships with No Bully.org, Teenline Hotline. Brianni’s a model, red carpet co-host, singer, rapper, video editor, a music producer with Girl’s Makes Beat and has an upcoming project with Grammy Award /Golden Globe winner Andra Day and recently added a remix to MTV Moon Man Theme song

She has not seen her biological mother in 6 and a half years. She has a grandmother who took care of her since she was a child. Her height is 5’0 and has Avalon Artist Group as her agent.

Social media handles YouTube @glyolie, Tiktok @ms.brianniswalker, Instagram @ms.brianniwalker.

Brianni Walker has an estimated net worth ranged between $500k – $1 million, which is an impressive sum for fourteen years old. She earns such a significant amount from her acting and social media career. 

Brianni Walker’s boyfriend is not known at the moment.

3. Charlotte Pulley

Dhar Mann Actors

Charlotte Pulley is a 15-year-old actress, known for her role in the movies The Birth Of (2018), Direct Son (2021), and Swamp (2019).

Pulley is also an artist who resides in Southern California. She is currently a high school student.

She was featured in her high school’s movie “Night of the living dead”. She was nominated at the Young Entainers Awards 2021 in the “Best Young Actress, Web Performance” category with her role in “Adopted child rejects birth mom” in Dhar Mann’s video.

Her estimated net worth at the moment is not known.

You can follow her on social; Instagram: @charlottetheactress,

4. Devon Weetly

Dhar Mann Actors

Devon Weetly is a 17-year-old actor, known for Guess Clue (2021), Piper Rockelle (2020), and Two Minutes (2021).

He resides in Southern California. He loves animals.

Devon’s net worth is not known at the moment.

Girlfriend: Not unknown

You can follow Devon the social media accounts: YouTube and Instagram.

5. Ayden Mekus

Dhar Mann Actors

Ayden Mekus is a 16-year-old young actor who was born on August 2, 2005, in Northern California. Although Ayden Mekus was born in Northern California, he spent most of his growing up years on Coronado Island, California (close to San Diego).

He began his acting career in December 2017 and shortly after, by February 2018 had the lead role in The Lilac Thief with Kristin Glover and Chocolate Chip Cookie with Lingyu Meng, both successful short films.

From March until August 2018, he had supporting roles in Utensils with Ryan Larkin, Critical Candle with Director Frank Lin, What is School For with PrinceEA, and Anatomy, produced by Golden Era.

Ayden’s commercial completions were Kess Toy Company with Alex Kessler, Roxi Electric Jukebox with Jeremy Kientz, Games Manifesto with Spin Master, Google Project Search Light, and LilGadgets Headphones.

Noted dance performances were Winter Wonderland and Dance Variety Showcase in San Diego.

Among all the Dhar Mann teen actors, Ayden is the most popular on Instagram and other social media platforms. On Instagram, he has 921K followers. On YouTube, he has 1.47 million subscribers on his Channel.

He sells merch as another source of income aside from acting. His other source of income comes from YouTube ads. According to Social Blade, Mekus makes estimated daily earnings of $29 – $457 and weekly earnings of $200 – $3.2K. Mekus makes estimated monthly earnings of $858 – $13.7K and $10.3K – $164.7K in a year.

Ayden Mekkus has a net worth range between $1million – $1.5milion.

He has a height of 5′ 7″ (1.7 m)

His social media handles are Instagram: @ayden.mekus, TikTok, Facebook.

Among all Dhar Mann kid actors, Mekus is the richest and interesting enough, he is in a serious relationship with Claire RockSmith, an influencer, and a YouTuber.

Dhar Mann Actors
Ayden Mekus and Claire RockSmith.

Claire RockSmith is also popular on social media as she has 688K followers on Instagram and 899K subscribers on YouTube.

The two young couple has an acronym “Clayden” which means Claire and Ayden.

You can follow Claire on the social handles; YouTube channel, TikTok: clairerocksmith143

6. Neela Jolene

Dhar Mann Actors

Neela Jolene is a super energetic, hardworking, and talented teenager. She had grown up dancing, singing, acting and modeling with over 100 performances prior to high school; including 20 musical theater shows, 42 dance competitions, and 18 show choir competitions.

After starting high school, she started fulfilling her dream of working as an actress and performer professionally. Despite the pandemic that year, she was cast in 11 short films, 3 commercials, and 9 modeling projects in the first 6 months. Her most notable acting job to date is in the series of episodes she has done with Dhar Mann Studios.

Neela Jolene has been taking dance, voice, tumbling, and acting classes her whole life. She is currently a varsity cheerleader and a straight-A student in high school. She has also competed in scholarship talent pageants and has won several titles including Miss California Pre-Teen and Miss Photogenic Teen.

When Neela is not pursuing her career, you will probably find her doing something adventurous. She loves surfing, skateboarding, obstacle course off-roading, wakeboarding, snow skiing, cliff jumping, and hunting.

Neela’s net worth: Not available.

Neela’s boyfriend: Not known at the moment.

You can follow Neela on the social media handles; TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat

7. Sophua Sluyter

Dhar Mann Actors

Sophia Sluyter is an actress, dancer, singer, and model who loves to entertain and make people smile. Enthusiastic, respectful, focused, and kind, she is wise beyond her years and mature for her age.

Her love of acting began when Sophia would write scripts to perform with her younger sister, Nicole, for their mom and dad. They would dress up in costumes, have intermissions to serve snacks, and even improv commercials. Other times, they would take turns being the master of ceremonies and model for surprise evening fashion shows. Sophia also loves choreographing dances with her friends, whether on a sleepover or around the pool on a hot summer day, eagerly performing them for anyone and everyone.

In addition to acting and dance classes, Sophia enjoys private voice lessons, playing soccer and volleyball, skateboarding, and adding content to her Instagram page (@sophiasluyter). Many of her teachers say that she is a hardworking, enthusiastic, focused, and motivated kid. They love working with her and enjoy seeing her big smile. Sophia is an articulate, creative girl who has many friends. Sophia loves talking with adults. She absorbs everything. And she loves learning new things.

Sophia’s natural instincts bring a refreshing honesty to her roles. Her energetic, positive attitude and drive to accomplish the work are directly reflected in her professionalism on set.

Sophia’s net worth: Not available.

Sophia’s boyfriend: Not known at the moment.

8. Emmanuel Royal

Dhar Mann Actors

Emmanuel Royal is an actor, known for Illusory (2021), The Devil and the Vagabond (2013), and Two Minutes (2021).

Aside from acting, Emmanuel is a photo-model, do print and commercial. Royal is also a dancer and an athlete (basketball player).

Emmanuel Royal’s net worth: Not available.

Emmanuel Royal’s girlfriend: Not known.

9. Angelee Vera

Dhar Mann Actors

Angelee Vera is an 8-year-old actress, known for Dhar Mann (2018), Wonderoos: Holiday Holiday! (2020) and Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D & Vinny (2019).

She resides in Los Angeles. She is also good at photo-modeling and doing Commercials.

You can connect with Angelee Vera on the following social media accounts: Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter.

Angelee Vera’s net worth is not known.

Angelee Vera is certainly not dating and hence has no boyfriend.

10. Kiarra Beasley

Kiarra Beasley is an actress, known for DoctrineReborn (2020), and Dhar Mann (2018). 

Kiarra Beasley’s net worth is not known.

Kiarra Beasley’s boyfriend is not known.

Other teen actors who are mostly seen in Dhar Mann videos include; Orion Hunter (student), Julian Vidaurrazaga (student), Nathaniel Sanchez (student), Sherman Kim (student), Nicholas Shields (student), Bubba Ali, Motown Maurice, Anthony Ruggieri (student), Bijan Ali, Marsaille Wells, Shai Culver, etc.

About Dhar Mann Studios

The mission is driven by one founding principle: “We’re not just telling stories, we’re changing lives”.

Dhar Mann Studios don’t just create content for the sake of creating content.  All of our content is meaningful, intentional, and kid-friendly. Every day Dhar Mann and his team work hard to promote strong family values such as love, kindness, forgiveness, and helping others. They strive to find that perfect balance between entertainment and education so that our videos can not only be interesting but also impactful for adults as well as children.

Dhar Mann Studios produces Content for a Cause

One thing Dhar Mann and his team of creatives love to see are comments from their incredible community saying how much our content has changed their lives. Despite being grateful for such testimonies, they also realize there is so much that can be done.

That’s why they go beyond content creation to help non-profits, charities, and marginalized communities with real-world resources. In addition to Dhar’s personal donations, they have also set up many of their videos as fundraisers to help support these groups.

Dhar Mann Studios’ hope is to be a strong asset to raise money, drive awareness and help to change the lives of communities all over the world.

Dhar Mann Studios’ videos are for all races, diversity, and everyone can understnd and relate.

#DharMannFam community includes over 55 Million followers from over 100 Countries. They currently create content in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and Hindi with plans to expand to more languages soon.

With such a big community also comes big responsibility. That’s why they’re doubling down on our efforts by launching a brand new Diversity & Inclusion Department. This will help us ensure proper representation and opportunities both on and off camera.

Where is Dhar Mann Studios located?

Dhar Mann Studios are based in Sunny Southern California near the Burbank Airport. Their 50,000 square foot space is where they house all of our production sets including a school, restaurant, hospital, courtroom, airplane and so much more!

Even though they just started in 2018, we already have an amazing team of over 50 people including screenwriters, producers, directors, shooters, editors, and more! All of the team goes through an extensive multi-round interview process to ensure they have the good family values we preach.

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