Elon Musk Makes Thousands In A Month From Twitter Subscriptions

Twitter CEO Elon Musk revealed the number of people subscribed to his Twitter account, with the world’s second richest person gaining over $120,000 USD a month from subscription payments alone.

Internet superstar Elon Musk has gained a massive surge in following and influence over the past couple of years. As the CEO of both SpaceX and Tesla, the billionaire recently acquired the social media application and website Twitter late last year as well. Musk is easily one of the most controversial figures on the internet at the moment, however, with many recent decisions coming under fire on Twitter.

As it turns out, a good number of individuals that follow Elon Musk on the platform also subscribed to him, which is a service that allows users to pay $5 to gain access to bonus content. These features include a subscriber badge, access to exclusive tweets, and access to subscriber-only spaces, giving users a more intimate experience with the account.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk recently revealed the amount of Twitter users currently subscribed to his personal account and the total is completely mindboggling.

In a screenshot, Musk revealed he has about 24.7 thousand subscribers to his account, with each paying $5 for the exclusivity. All in all, this totals to over $120,000 USD per month, making Musk ever wealthier.

Many users have commented on the absurdly high amount of income Musk is receiving through this method, with some joking about how long it’ll take for him to make back after purchasing Twitter.

“366,667 months until his subs pay off how much he paid for Twitter” a user mocked.

Others questioned why Twitter users would subscribe to Musk in the first place, considering that he is one of the most wealthy people on the planet.

“People really donating money to one of the richest people on earth” another stated.

Musk has yet to comment on the situation as of the moment, but it’s likely the Twitter CEO may swing around to it soon.

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