How To Be Happy: 21 Essential Habits That Will Make You A Happier Person

Achieving happiness is entirely possible. However, happiness differs from one person to another. For me, to be happy means having lots of money, others will see it as pursing their dreams.

Despite your version of happiness, achieving it is just a few adjustments to your habits. Why do habits matter..? Good habits go a long way to impact positively on your everyday activities.

happy man
How To Be Happy: 21 Habits That Will Make You A Happier Person

The benefits of being happy are so enormous that happier people are more successful and productive.

A few advantages of being happy include;

  • Happy people ate healthier
  • They have better and stable relationship and marriages
  • As mentioned earlier, more successful and productive
  • They are more generous and kind
  • Stress and Depression free

Following these 50 Habits will make you a happier person and ensure you enjoy all these benefits or advantages of being happy.

1.Regular Exercise

exercise to look happy
How To Be Happy: Regular Exercise

Your body does not only benefit from regular exercise but your mind as well. Exercise does have an impact on your general well-being.

Regular exercise reduces stress, anxiety, and any form of depression. It helps to boost your self-confidence, self-esteem, and happiness.

You don’t have to perform any rigorous exercise if only that makes you happy. Any small amount of physical activity is okay to do.

You can try taking a walk around your neighborhood, signing up for yoga lessons among others.

2.Enough Sleep

have enough sleep to look happy
Sleeping at least 7 to 8 hours per night

What is classified as Enough Sleep.? Getting up to 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night is a good amount of sleep. No matter how stressful society is becoming, it is vital to get enough rest.

Enough sleep or rest helps your brain function and emotional well-being. It can go a long to affect how happy you are.

Not getting enough sleep will rest in you waking up grumpy which will eventually affect your day’s activities.


smile to look happy in life
Smile always

Persons who tend to smile more are far happier. This is a fact. Smiling causes the brain to dopamine making you happier.

However, this doesn’t insinuate that one should go round putting up a fake smile on your face.

4.Being Grateful

being grateful leads to being happy.
Be grateful for the little you have

Gratefulness is one habit that will ensure you become a happier person. This can start by being content with the little you have.

Also, going about your daily activities by keeping your eye on pleasant things in your life. It could probably be a new flat-screen television you worked hard for or a girlfriend who loves you very much despite your circumstances.

These little things go a long way to make you happy.

5.Be aware of your bad moments

Awareness of your bad moments

Yes, we are talking about becoming happy but to also achieve that state of happiness you need to acknowledge your unhappy or bad moments. We are human beings and we do have good and bad days.

If you’re going through bad moments like losing a loved one or something bad happened to you, don’t try to pretend to be happy when you aren’t.

Go through the unhappy moment of your life and come out stronger.

Take note, no one in the world is happy all the time.

6.Have Friends

Having close friends

Naturally, human beings are social creatures, and visiting close friends you have can make you happy. Probably, there’s this one friend you have not heard from in a while, just reach out and make a date to have some fun.

Visiting friends may be a difficult task when you are an adult with countless responsibilities. But there should be that one or two persons you have a meaningful relationship with.

Friends who will motivate you when you are done. Their positivity will impact you greatly to make you a happier person.

 Having friends is not necessarily limited to humans but having a pet can be characterized as your friend. A pet tends to offer similar benefits a close friend has, in terms of companionship.

7.Schedule your day and week

Scheduling your daily and weekly activities

Feeling like your life is disorganized…? Probably, you need to sit back and write down basic stuff you want to do in a day and for the week.

Writing these items down can guide you on what you need to achieve.  This will make your activities more efficient and make you happier.

You can get a small notebook or a planner to write down what you tend to do.

8.Switch off your phone

Turn off your phone

Turning off your phone or any electronic devices you have, for several hours in a week can do the magic. At times, it’s very good and relieving to disconnect from these devices since you are always with them.

Allow yourself to walk around and observe your neighborhood for a minute. You can as well read a book and mediate in the comfort of your home.

This alone can perform some magic to how happy you become.

9.Helping the needy.

Helping the needy

If giving back to the needy in society provides a boost to your mood and how happy you feel, then consider making it a part of your monthly routine.

Giving back can be in a form of food, used clothes, or money to these persons to probably put a smile on their faces.

10.Take yourself out

Take yourself out and have some fun

You probably may not have that special loved one to take you out. However, no rule says that you can’t go out alone and have some fun.

Go to your favorite restaurant and buy your favorite drink or food and enjoy yourself. You can probably go on a trip to a beautiful location in your country or outside and enjoy yourself.

Spending deliberate time with yourself can change your whole mood and make you a happier person.

11.Do away with grudges

Do away with grudges

The reason numerous people aren’t happy is because of a grudge they have with someone. In most cases, the other party may not even be aware someone has a grudge against them.

To be a happy person, it’s better to do away with these grudges by being more forgiving. Dropping a grudge is more about your self-care than compassion for others.

Also, if forgiveness or reconciliation doesn’t work, you can end the relationship and move on.

12.Take care of your body

Although regular exercise as mentioned in the first point is important for physical and mental well-being, a routine appointment with your doctor is also needed.

Making this a habit helps in improving your happiness. A visit to your personal doctor or a periodic check-up on your body helps to know how your body is functioning.

You can also take care of your body by getting a relaxing massage.

13.Compliment someone

Compliment Someone

According to research, complimenting another person goes a long way to make you feel better.

A sincere compliment is quick to lighten up someone’s day and also boost your own happiness. How do you do it..? Catch the eye of the person and smile whiles you make the compliment.

This will show that you actually mean it. Also, compliments on a person’s physical appearance should be done respectfully.

14.Eat well

Eat well

Eating well simply means eating a healthy and balanced diet. Your food choices have an impact on your overall physical health.

Taking in fresh foods, lean protein, and complex carbs help you to stay healthy. Eating too much junk food or processed foods that have empty calories is not good for your health.

15. Visit a therapist

Pay a visit to a therapist

Making time to visit a therapist is also a habit that can make you a happier person. It’s very okay to visit a therapist since it proves that you acknowledge that you have a problem you need to work on.

In most cases, speaking to a therapist about your problem can help you get over them which can help you boost your happiness.

Therapists have been trained to help you overcome certain emotional problems. Once your problem is solved there’s no need to keep going.

16. Be open minded


Open-mindedness is needed to making you a happy person. An open-minded person allows other perspectives or accepts new people and places them into his life.

Being flexible and open to change can increase your happiness. Rigidity is a big hindrance to one’s happiness.

If you are open-minded, you can increase your social connection and feel part of a greater society.

17. Be optimistic

Be positive in your thoughts

Being pessimistic makes it very difficult to be happy but you can change them. Anytime, you see the worst aspect of something, challenge its accuracy.

Then, replace those pessimistic thoughts with optimistic thoughts. It is also good to make an optimistic statement to yourself throughout the day.

For instance, you always tell yourself you are “ugly”. You might replace such pessimistic thoughts with “I’m beautiful in my own way”

18.Don’t compare yourself to others

Stop comparing yourself to others

Comparing yourself to others hurts your happiness. Measuring yourself or your success according to another person’s success is not fair.

Because everyone in this world is on their own journey. Rather, compare yourself to where you were in the past helping you realize how far we have progressed.

For instance, most people tend to be unhappy when they see their friends doing great while they are stagnant. Everyone has their moment, you’ll surely succeed.

19.Dont bottle up your emotions, Express them

Express your emotions

Express the way you feel is very important to make you a happier person. Such a habit prevents you from bottling up all your emotions.

Bottling up your emotions is harmful to your health and mood. Healthily express your emotion by talking to people, writing in a journal, or exercising.

20.Working on your weakness

Work on your weakness

Your weaknesses tend to make you a less happy person. Because they end making you feel bad about yourself. Work on your weakness by learning a new skill or something different which will improve you.

For instance, your weakness could be how fat you look and you aren’t happy with it. Sign up with a gym and workout to improve your fitness level.

21. Re-evaluate your goals.

Re-evaluate your goals

We mostly set impossible goals for ourselves and when we end up not achieving them, it tends to affect us negatively. When you set a goal and achieving that becomes a hindrance to your happiness, let it go.

There’s no shame in changing your goals.


In conclusion, if you are looking to live a happier life and be a happier person, then try out these 21 Habits and you’ll surely be a happier person.

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