Guide: How To Wear A Bra Correctly For Beginners: 5 Steps To Put On Your Bra Properly With The Right Bra Size

What is the correct way to wear a bra? How do you wear a bra for beginners? Here’s how to properly wear your bra and things to know before.

Wearing a perfect-sized bra is not the only important thing that you should be paying attention to, how you wear it also makes a whole lot of difference. The average woman would do anything to get firm and perky breasts, but when it comes to wearing a bra properly, not many know how to go about it.

We will tell you how to put on a bra properly to make your breasts look better. Simply follow the step-by-step pointers given below and master the art of wearing a bra properly. Below are things to keep in mind before putting on your bra the right way:

Pay attention to how your bra feels to identify problems:

If the bra you’re wearing is uncomfortable, chances are it doesn’t fit right. However, unless you take time to notice what exactly feels wrong, it will be hard to identify the specific problem. If your bra is bothering you, ask yourself:

Does the band feel too tight or too loose? If so, you may need a different band size.

Do the cups gape in front, or are your breasts spilling over the sides of the cups? In either case, your cup size is probably incorrect.

If you have an underwire, can you feel it digging into the center or sides of your breasts? This might mean your bra is wrong for your breast shape.

Do the straps slip down or dig into your shoulders? If so, they may need to be adjusted, or you might need a different bra.

Tip: To quickly spot problems with your fit, try putting on a tight, white T-shirt over your bra. If you can see any obvious problems through the shirt—for example, the cup edges gaping or the underwire sticking out—then the bra probably doesn’t fit right.

Pick the right bra:

The first step, to begin with, would be to pick the right bra. So check if you are wearing one in the wrong size. If your breasts spill out of the bra from the top, or the bands or the straps of your bra cut into your skin, or you feel a little uncomfortable breathing, you are wearing the wrong size. Also, if the bands of your bra fall down after adjustment, you are wearing the wrong size. To make sure you are wearing the right size slide into two fingers between your side and the band of the bra.

Buy a bra that suits your breast shape:

In addition to being different sizes, breasts also come in a wide variety of shapes. To get a truly comfortable bra, you’ll need to take the shape of your breasts into account. Examine your breasts and determine if they are:

  • East-west, or outward-facing: T-shirt bras and partial underwires work best with this breast shape.
  • Widely separated: If your breasts are relatively full but there’s a lot of space between them, try a plunge bra.
  • Bell-shaped: If your breasts are narrower on the top and rounder at the bottom, a full-coverage bra is a good bet.
  • Globe-shaped: Thin, light-coverage bras work well with this breast type.
  • Long and narrow: Opt for a plunge bra, which can help lift and center your breasts.
  • Asymmetrical: Try a bra with removable inserts to create a more even appearance.
  • Teardrop: These are similar to the bell shape, but not as narrow at the top. They also work well with a variety of styles. Experiment to find the style you like best!

Take measurements:

Take proper measurements or get it done professionally from a boutique or a departmental store before buying a bra. If you are doing it yourself,  start by measuring your under-bust in inches for the band size. Hold the measuring tape not too tight. If the measurement shows below 30 inches, round up to the nearest even number. And if the measurement suggests it is above 36 inches, round down.

To know about the proper cup size of your bra, lean forward at 90 degrees and measure your bust loosely. Now, calculate the difference between the bust and under-bust measurements. But you have to also keep in mind that for those who have under-busts over 36 inches, this method can overestimate the cup size.

If you want to change band sizes but wish to keep the same cup volume all you have to do is go up a cup size for every band size down and vice versa. If you are not sure of the measurements, try as many bra as you can. Or get an opinion from a different professional.

Also, measure your size once a year so that you make sure that you are not wearing the wrong size. If you experience significant weight loss or gain, or if you are pregnant you have to make sure that you take measurements regularly.

Have a professional fitting done:

There’s no question that bra sizes are confusing. While you can measure your own bra size, your best bet is to go to a lingerie specialist who can help you identify your perfect fit. They can help you find a bra that’s not only the right size but also the right shape and style for your needs.

  • One of the trickiest things about finding the right bra is that cup sizes vary depending on the band size. For example, the cups on a 34B are actually the same size as those on a 32C, but the 32C has a shorter band.
  • If you’d rather not do a professional fitting, consult a bra sizing chart. You should be able to figure out your cup size by subtracting your bust measurement from your band size. For example, if the difference is about 3 inches (7.6 cm), that probably means you need a C-cup in your band size.[4]
  • If you know your measurements, you can also fill out online questionnaires to help you find your perfect fit. Do a search using terms like “bra fit questionnaire” or “find my bra fit” to get started.

Choose a bra with a snug band:

Finding a band that fits right can be a major challenge. Ideally, your brand should be snug, but not so tight that it feels hard to breathe or the underwire digs into your breasts. Look for a band that you can slip 1 finger under with only about 1 inch (2.5 cm) of additional stretch.

  • If your band rides up in the back, it’s too loose. The band should rest horizontally across your back without curving up in the middle.
  • The band provides 80% of the support for your breasts, so choosing the right band size is very important!.

Get a bra with close-set straps if you have narrow shoulders:

If your straps are constantly slipping off your shoulders, it’s possible that you just need to shorten them a little. This can also be a problem if your shoulders are narrow or sloping. If that’s the case, try a bra in a plunge or racerback style with straps that rest relatively far in on your shoulders.[9]

  • If your straps dig into your shoulders and leave red marks, that means they’re too tight.
How to wear a bra

Let’s learn how to wear bra step by step!

#1. Lean On:

The best body posture when wearing a bra is to lean down. This allows your breasts to naturally settle and fit into the bra cups. A slight jiggling of the breasts is all it needs to fill the cups fully and settle down properly.

Lean On - Guide: How To Wear A Bra Correctly For Beginners: 5 Steps To Put On Your Bra Properly With The Right Bra Size

#2. Hook On:

When you put on your bra, fasten it on the loosest set of hooks—not on the middle or tightest setting. A lot of women make the mistake of hooking just a single clasp. This gives you partial support and results in aches and rashes. You should always hook all the clasps of the bra and make sure it’s neither too tight nor too loose. A well-fitting band should fit snugly on the loosest setting. The bra band should sit flat on the back without riding up, parallel to the ground.

If your band begins to loosen or stretch out over time, you can always switch to one of the tighter settings.

Hook On - Guide: How To Wear A Bra Correctly For Beginners: 5 Steps To Put On Your Bra Properly With The Right Bra Size
Hook On

#3. Gather your breasts into the cups:

After you fasten the hooks in the back, do a “scoop and swoop” to make sure your breasts are resting comfortably in the cups. Use one hand to gently pull the band away from your body, then use the other hand to position your breasts so they are well-centered and feel fully supported.[11]

It may help to bend over at the waist and let gravity assist you as you guide your breasts into the proper position.

Guide: How To Wear A Bra Correctly For Beginners: 5 Steps To Put On Your Bra Properly With The Right Bra Size

#4. Strap On:

The bra straps play a vital role in providing the much-needed support and lift. You should always make sure that the straps are adjusted according to your shoulder. If the straps are too tight, they may result in severe back & shoulder aches. Similarly, if they are too loose, they may annoy you by constantly falling off your shoulders. For a comfortable fit, you should be able to glide 2 fingers easily.

Strap On - Guide: How To Wear A Bra Correctly For Beginners: 5 Steps To Put On Your Bra Properly With The Right Bra Size

#5. Gentle Lift:

Underwired bras give your breasts a gentle lift, making them look rounder and fuller. However, for desired results, you should make sure that the underwires fit you correctly. The center gore should lie flat at the center of your breasts and the underwires should comfortably sit right under your breasts, without digging into the skin. The underwired cups will only lift your breasts tissues if they fit you correctly or else they will make you uncomfortable and uneasy.

Gentle Lift - Guide: How To Wear A Bra Correctly For Beginners: 5 Steps To Put On Your Bra Properly With The Right Bra Size

What are the uses of a Bra?

Bras are an essential part of every women’s wardrobe. But have you ever wondered why women should wear a bra? Below are some reasons why putting on a bra is vital to women;

1. Prevent Sagging

Women’s breasts are made of fats and glands. Even though the ligaments provide the necessary support, breasts eventually sag in almost every woman. And to avoid this, girls should wear a bra. Wearing a bra lifts the breasts and helps prevent sagging up to some extent.

2. Offer Support

As against popular belief, the primary use of bras is not simply enhancing the appearance of your breasts. A good bra should offer excellent support to breasts and enhance your comfort. UNIQLO’s high-quality collection of bras is specially designed to provide incredible support to breasts as well as shoulders. This also helps improve your posture, especially if you have heavy breasts.

3. High Comfort

It’s during sleep that wearing a bra can make women most uncomfortable. However, going braless for a whole day can also cause discomfort to you. The pulls and bounces of breasts during the day’s activity can lead to pain. That is why wearing a bra is important.

4. Better Shape

Many women today are not confident about their breasts – their size, gap, and shape. Due to this reason, some women opt for other cosmetic treatments as well, which is unnecessary in most cases. But did you know wearing a good quality bra can also do the trick? Among many uses of bra helping make peace with the flaws is one. Wearing the right type of bra can help you hold your breast in better shape. So you can be more confident in your body.

4. Increased Confidence

What you wear under your beautiful dress can play a significant role in how you feel about yourself and carry yourself. You should feel confident to carry yourself on every occasion. A well-fitted and comfortable bra can enhance your posture, body language and subsequently boost confidence.

Summary on how to wear a bra correctly:

To wear a traditional bra put your arms through the armholes and then clasp it by getting the two or three hooks on one side to the other. Adjust the bra a bit and then clasp it. If you are wearing a brand new bra it should easily fit the last hook, which is the loosest one allowing you to tighten the bra as the elastic wears.

If you find yourself fastening your bra on the middle hook or the first one which is the tightest one, get a smaller size by going down on the band size. If you have trouble hooking the bra in the back, clasp it in the front by wearing it backward so that you slide it to the back and then slip your the straps and the cup properly. If you are wearing a bra with the clasp in front of the side, simply put your arms through the armholes and then clasp it by fastening the hook as mentioned above.

Another thing that you have to pay attention to is to adjust the straps properly so that they fit perfectly over your shoulders. If they are loose they will roll down your shoulders, and if they are too tight you will feel uncomfortable. If the strap is tight pull up the plastic clasp on each strap towards the front of your bra, if it is loose, pull down the clasp so it moves closer to the back of the bra. Keep the clasps to an equal length. If you find it difficult, remove your bra first and then make the adjustments.

How to wear a bra 01

Now that you have adjusted the clasps, gently pull the straps, sides, and back of the bra so that it fits well. Then make sure that your breasts fill the cups of your bra properly. Stand up and bend down, this will move your breasts in the right direction so as to position them correctly. 

Now move your breasts into the cups by feeling them by the side. While moving your breasts inside the cup, avoid leaving additional tissue hanging off the side below your armpit. Feel the tissue with the opposite hand and then move it from each breast into the cup. Then lift up the breast so that you move the sides of your beats gently into the sides of each cup for a smoother silhouette.

When you have made the adjustments and filled in the cups, stand straight. The underwire of your bra should not leave any extra space and should be positioned along the bottom of your breasts. This way your breasts will be moving upwards instead of hanging down below the underwire. If you find that there is breast tissue spilling over the top of the cup, then opt for larger cup size.

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