Loose Vajayjay: 10 Best Home Remedies To Tighten Your Vagina Naturally (Exercises, Diets, Herbal Medicines, More)

How to tighten your vagina naturally? Here are some 10 vagina tightening home remedies including the best exercises, healthy diets, herbal medicines, and more.

One of the most embarrassing moments in women is when they open up on their loosened vagina size to their friends or physicians. This is because one of the myth causes of this has been associated with too much sexual intercourse.

Women who live life and do things like, well, have bodies, go through pregnancy, deliver babies, or experience menopause or reproductive health issues will likely at some point experience some degree of vaginal laxity.

The majority of women tend to focus their concern that the only option for tightening the vagina is surgery. Many women decide to make vulvovaginal plastic surgery and designer vagina surgery to tighten the vaginal walls and this treatment can have health risks. The good thing is that there are ways to get back the tight vagina. There are some natural ways that can help you make your vagina tighter at home.

A healthy vagina is a key to pelvic health and overall health and happiness. Fortunately, there are some easy, painless, natural options that women have found successful in treating vaginal laxity, or looseness. Before we dive into the natural ways to tighten your vajayjay, below is some important information about a loose vagina, its causes, and more.

Causes of Vaginal Laxity/Loose Vagina

Yes, there are certain reasons but it is definitely not connected to sex. Hormonal fluctuations and physical strain or stress on the vagina and other pelvic organs can lead to vaginal laxity.  

Common causes include: 

  • Natural childbirth: During normal delivery, the muscles around the vagina go through a lot of trauma which weakens them. Vaginal childbirth stretches muscles, tendons and vaginal walls. Hence, it gets loose.
  • Loss of oestrogen: Whether because of ageing or health issues, a drop in estrogen levels makes the vaginal tissue thinner, dryer, and less stretchy. Decreased estrogen level caused by menopaus.
  • Aging muscles and tendons creating a weakened  pelvic floor 
  • A woman’s genetically determined physical structure

Myths about the causes vaginal laxity

1. Your vagina gets loose because of having a lot of sex
Many people believe that a lot of sex can ‘loosen’ your vagina, but this is not the truth. The vaginal muscles are very elastic. It retains its normal shape and size after sex without losing its elasticity, no matter how much sex you have had.

2. Too many sexual partners equals a loose vagina
This is actually very negative to assume. A loose vagina is nowhere associated with having multiple sexual partners and is completely a myth. As stated above, your vagina is very elastic. It relaxes only when you are aroused and contracts back to its shape after that.

What are the Symptoms of Vaginal Laxity? 

Symptoms of vaginal laxity can include: 

  • Vaginal dryness 
  • Vaginal pain or discomfort during intercourse  
  • Unusual bleeding after sexual activity 
  • Lack of lubrication during intercourse 
  • Urinary incontinence 
  • Burning during urination 
  • Unexpected and urgent needs to urinate 
  • Frequent urinary tract infections 
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge 
  • Burning or itching in the vaginal or vulvar areas 
  • Decreased libido 
  • Lack of sexual arousal 
  • Reduction in sexual satisfaction during intercourse 

How to Tighten your Vagina Naturally 

According to a study published in the Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research, doing regular pelvic exercises helps to improve sexual efficacy, especially after childbirth. The study suggests that eight weeks are all that you need to tighten your vagina. 

Below are some exercises, diets, estrogen, and herbs that can all help reduce vaginal laxity with a little effort every day. 

An effective tip on how to tighten your vagina is through nutritional intervention. A healthy diet will strengthen your pelvic floor. Feed your pelvic muscle correctly on a daily basis to ensure its proper repair. Take meals that are rich in natural estrogens like carrots, apples, soybeans, sesame seeds, and many more.

2. Pelvic thrust

Pelvic thrust is one of the most common and simplest exercises you can do. As the name suggests, it involves thrusting of the pelvic region. In this case, you put some pressure on the lower abdominal area using barbells or weighted plates, rest your upper half on a bench, and move your lower body up and down.

Due to the extra weight on your abdominal area, your core gets activated and works out the pelvic region. The pelvic strength that you need to move helps in the contraction and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles, thus helping in tightening your vagina.

Kegel exercise has been proven to effectively help women regain their lost tightness. These types of exercises target the kegel muscles which support your pelvic floor and forms the base of the vagina.

Kegels are extremely effective for toning the pelvic floor, decreasing incontinence, and improving sexual satisfaction.

Kegels are tightening the muscles of your pelvic floor in several sets of repetitions throughout the day. Think about the muscles you would use to stop urinating – those are the ones you want to target. However, while your pelvic floor muscles help support the vagina and surrounding structures, they are not what make up the vaginal walls. Still – having a better tone and support for all of your pelvic organs is important for vaginal health. 

vaginal tightening exercises - Loose Vajayjay: 10 Home Remedies To Tighten Your Vagina Naturally (Exercises, Diets, Herbal Medicines, More)
Anyone can do Kegel exercises. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

A helpful tip on how to tighten your vagina naturally is to perform yoga. Gentle movements in yoga can help you strengthen your vagina walls, your pelvic muscles, and the whole body muscles. Just perform this simple exercise at home.

5. Bridge hold

This is the yogic way to tighten your vagina. It’s basically plank for your pelvic floor. Just lie in the position of the bridge pose, squeeze in your butt, suck in your lower abdomen, and hold the pose. The more you hold this position, the more your pelvic region will fire up, and eventually tighten your vagina.

6. Weighted squats

Weighted squats don’t just give you a rounder butt, but also help to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. But remember if you’re doing weighted squats, especially to tighten your vagina, then you must exercise pressure on the pelvic region to make it super effective!

vaginal tightening exercises - Loose Vajayjay: 10 Home Remedies To Tighten Your Vagina Naturally (Exercises, Diets, Herbal Medicines, More)
Hold that squat to get a tight pelvic muscle. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

An excellent natural way to strengthen the walls of your vagina is with vaginal cones. These cones come with varying weights attached to them. The exercise, which has to be performed for 15 minutes twice a day, involves sliding a cone inside, beginning with the lightest cone you can easily retain and substituting it with a heavier one as your pelvic muscles become firm.

8. Herbal Treatments

Herbal creams and spray can be effective in treating vaginal laxity. Talk to your urogynecologist for recommendations to ensure what you are using is non-toxic and safe for vaginal application.   

9. Pilates

Pilates is one of the few full-body exercises that can help tighten and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. This is achieved by focusing on engaging the core muscles, including the abdominals and pelvic floor muscles, throughout the different movements.

While Pilates is a great way to support natural pelvic floor strengthening, the classes can be expensive. Unless the routine is consistent with an instructor who emphasizes pelvic floor exercises and guides one properly to focus on the pelvic floor, it may not provide enough strengthening to be effective when it comes to making your vagina “tighter.”

10. Kegelbell

For those wondering how to “tighten” your vagina naturally, Kegelbell is one of the fastest and safest ways to do it. Kegelbell is the first externally weighted way for women to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles and decrease laxity/looseness.

In muscle-building mode, women use Kegelbell five minutes, three times a week in the privacy of their own home or once a week in maintenance mode. Unequivocally, one’s vaginal squeeze becomes extremely strong as a result of holding in the insert much the way one gets strong bicep muscles with a kettlebell workout.

Not only is it the first externally weighted solution, but the Original Kit is also the heaviest vaginal weight kit on the market before adding the Extension Kit that doubles the weight further. Kegelbell is made with medical-grade ingredients and is comfortable to use, with an insert similar in size to a large tampon.

Bonus Point

11. Estrogen Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) used to be a sort of scary, hit-or-miss treatment. Today women can have their HRT custom formulated and designed to suit their bodies, needs, and goals. HRT replaces the hormones the body no longer makes after menopause or when the body decreases the production of estrogen and other hormones for other medical reasons.  

HRT creams offer customization, flexibility, and simple, easy application of hormones that are then absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. HRT cream allows the right dose of hormones to be absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream to help relieve hot flashes, night sweats, depression, and other  symptoms of menopause.

Dangerous home remedies to Tighten your Vagina

When women are trying to figure out how to keep it “tight” down there, it’s easy to get distracted by all sorts of different “home remedies” to make your vagina tighter. The reality is that at best, these are ineffective, and at worst, they could be harmful to your body.

When it comes to any sort of juices (lemon, apple cider, etc.) or herbs to tighten your vagina, we like to generally advise that it’s not healthy to put any chemicals that aren’t medical-grade inside your body.

Your vagina has a natural pH balance, and adding these sorts of intense substances can throw off your body’s natural way of self-regulating. Many of those so-called home remedies are very acidic. The herbal chalky wands/sticks are simply just irritating the tissues so that they get inflamed, which gives the illusion of a tighter vaginal canal when really the lining of the vagina becomes puffy with inflammation.

This is not the right way to approach the issue. Moreover, irritation certainly will not make intercourse more pleasant for the woman, nor would the pH imbalance those substances cause her long after applying the foreign substance.

Some women also wonder if just doing squats “tightens” your vagina. The reality is that most exercises and activities that we engage with cannot target the pelvic floor muscles. That’s why it’s so important to establish a routine that is specifically intended to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.


A loosened vagina can be tightened. This can be done both surgically and through natural processes. The natural remedies involve exercising, herbs, and consuming healthy diets

The secret of these vaginal tightening exercises lies in the movement. When you perform these exercises, your pelvic floor muscles move up and down, leading to maximum contraction and relaxation. And that means a tight vagina in no time!

But ladies, you are eligible to do these exercises, only when you’ve completely recovered post your pregnancy. Otherwise, it will put unnecessary pressure on an already fragile and vulnerable region, and instead cause other pelvic issues.

These vaginal tightening remedies above are assured to bringing your sex life back on track naturally

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