How Many Seasons Will House Of The Dragon Have?

How many seasons will there be of House of the Dragon? With the Season 1 finale over, you may be wondering how long the Game of Thrones prequel will run for.

After 10 episodes, House of the Dragon has reached the point we’ve all been waiting on: the Dance of the Dragons, the all-out Targaryen civil war, has finally begun.

Here’s the good news: it’s definitely coming back for Season 2. Here’s the bad news: its release date is unconfirmed, and it’s more likely it won’t arrive until 2024.

But how many seasons will House of the Dragon have in total? Will it be as long as Game of Thrones?

House Of The Dragon

How many seasons will House of the Dragon have?

While it’s still to be confirmed, House of the Dragon will likely have at least four seasons.

Addressing the time jumps and future seasons, George R.R. Martin wrote on his website: “When I was a boy, shows had 39 episodes a season. By the time I was writing for BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, it was down to 22. Cable shrunk that even further. THE SOPRANOS had 13 episodes per season, but just a few years later, GAME OF THRONES had only 10 (and not even that, those last two seasons).

“If HOUSE OF THE DRAGON had 13 episodes per season, maybe we could have shown all the things we had to ‘time jump’ over… though that would have risked having some viewers complain that the show was too ‘slow,’ that ‘nothing happened.’

“As it is, I am thrilled that we still have 10 hours every season to tell our tale… I hope that will continue to be true. It is going to take four full seasons of 10 episodes each to do justice to the Dance of the Dragons, from start to finish.”

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Ryan Condal spoke about his plans for the next seasons, saying: “I’m very focused on the 10 episodes in front of me at the moment.

“There’s definitely more storytelling to come after Season 2. This is the story of a Targaryen dynasty that marches on for 150 years after the events in the Season 1 finale. Kings and queens come and go as the history marches on.

“So the question is less where this story ends and more where does the curtain fall [on the show]. Because it’s an ongoing history being written George as we go. It’s not like The Song of Ice and Fire books where the end is the end of the story. This is the end of a chapter in the story, and then another chapter begins.

So, ‘I don’t know yet’ is the honest answer. But we will take the time that we need to tell this story and when it dramatically needs to come to an end, it will come to an end.

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