5 TikTok Alternatives To Use Amid Rumors Of The Platform Getting Banned

TikTok might be getting banned soon — Here are some similar apps or platforms if it does.

One of the world’s most popular video-sharing apps may just be restricted in the United States. TikTok has been under scrutiny by the federal government for the past several months as officials express concern over cybersecurity for its 1 billion-plus users. The app is already banned on several college campuses and has even been completely blocked in India. In the coming months, the government may take even more drastic measures to restrict the app in the United States.

Some folks are already doing what they can to address TikTok bans around the country. College students have found ways to circumvent blockages on campus. Others are organizing experts in order to develop grassroots social media platforms. There even exist alternative apps like Clapper which function similarly to TikTok, though Clapper itself has become a home for radical alt-right content since its launch.

If you’re in the market for more apps like TikTok (that aren’t overtaken by anti-vaxx conspiracy theorists), here are some potential alternatives.

TikTok app

Reels on Instagram

Instagram app

Instagram is already a popular social media app where millions of users share photos and pictures. In fact, many TikTokers post their content on Instagram as part of their many extra platforms. If TikTok does get banned, or if you just need an extra outlet for your videos, this may be one of your easiest transitions.

Shorts on YouTube

Caitlyn Reilly performing comedy in a YouTube short

Speaking of extra platforms for content geared for TikTok, YouTube offers a similar function for short-form videos with YouTube Shorts. Along with longer uploads and extra content, users also have the option to share shorter bursts of entertainment as a Short. If you’re constantly creating content, this would be a good place to keep everything together on one site.


If you’re in the market for something closer to TikTok in terms of appearance, Likee might be for you. It features a similar interface as it lets you scroll through some curated videos, but it also allows users to use stickers and other fun effects in their videos.


Triller is another social media platform where content creators and influencers can make a new start. The app functions quite similarly to TikTok, but allows users to fully monetize their content and receive more than 70 percent of the money their videos earn.

In recent news, many TikTokers and and creators have been flocking to Triller in particular amidst talks of banning TikTok. According to Yahoo! News, it already has more than 450 million users.


Huddles App

From the creator of Vine comes a new short-form video hosting service where creators can make short videos that last up to 16 seconds. Huddles also allows users to engage with fans and users to interact with each other via a chat feature. It may not be a replacement for the classic six-second comedy app, but it’ll do for a TikTok substitute.

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