Tumblr Launches New Live-Streaming Feature To Rival TikTok

Popular blogging platform Tumblr has revealed its new live-streaming feature set to rival TikTok Live, which is launching on Android and iOS now.

As social media continues to grow, more platforms are adopting the ability to live-stream natively from your phone.

TikTok has its ever-popular Live option that becomes available after 1,000 followers, while Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch all open up the ability as soon as your account is created.

Now, Tumblr is joining the party with its new live-streaming feature rolling out to mobile users now.

Tumblr’s popularity has grown in the last few months.
Tumblr’s popularity has grown in the last few months.

Tumblr launches new live streaming feature

Thanks to The Verge, we know that Tumblr’s new feature is being rolled out to iOS and Android users in the US with a global release coming to desktops in the future.

Just like TikTok, the feature appears to be in vertical format at launch and has been integrated into the blog format. You’ll be able to add trusted viewers as mods, and of course, Tumblr has added ways to report offensive content.

They’ve also launched a new virtual currency, diamonds, as well, which allow fans to tip creators just like TikTok’s gifts or Twitch’s bits program.

Tumblr’s live-streaming feature is only available on users’ primary blogs as well, meaning those wanting to stream from alternate profiles will have to create an entirely new account.

It will be interesting to see how Tumblr’s new option grows in popularity over the next few years, with increased uncertainty surrounding Twitter and the growing chance of TikTok being banned in the US.

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