What Happened To ALT 92.3? Legendary New York-Based Alternative Radio Station 92.3 Is No Longer on FM

If you live in the New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut area, odds are that you’re familiar with ALT 92.3. Although the station has had many different names over the years, it has consistently been a staple of the area’s local radio scene throughout that entire time.

With previous hosts including the likes of Howard Stern, ALT 92.3’s pedigree is serious. So, what happened to it? Let’s unpack the end of one of the tri-state area’s most storied broadcast stations.

ALT 92.3

What happened to ALT 92.3?

Unfortunately for longtime listeners of the station, ALT 92.3 aired its final broadcast on FM airwaves on Oct. 27, 2022. Fittingly, as New York’s alternative music station, they closed their broadcast by playing LCD Soundsystem’s “New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down.”

The end of the station’s decades-long reign on the airwaves has come as a shock to many fans, but the reasoning behind it is quite simple.

Per NJ.com, the decision was first revealed internally in early October 2022 by Audacity, the parent company of ALT 92.3 FM. On the air, ALT 92.3 host Joe “Brady” Blum teared up when he shared the news with listeners.

“92.3 has been more than just a radio station. It’s been a community. It’s been a culture. It’s been there when you needed it,” he said at the time.

When its final song concluded, 92.3 switched its format to the FM simulcast of the AM news radio station 1010 WINS.

Audacity’s market president, Chris Olivero, said in a statement that the decision was made to help solidify Audacity as a “go-to trusted source for news, traffic, and weather every day.”

“At a time when quality journalism and local reporting is so critical, it was the ideal moment to make a strong investment in our news creation and distribution capabilities,” he added.

ALT 92.3

ALT 92.3 has a new home on HD2 and online.

Although many fans were sad to say goodbye to ALT 92.3 on the FM frequency, it isn’t the end of the station. Instead, they’ve just pivoted to the internet!

Per the station’s official Twitter, they’ve ventured over to HD2 and the Audacity website and app, where the station’s regular content that fans know and love can be streamed at any time.

“The alternative music you love has a new home in New York. Now you can find commercial free ALT 92.3 on 92.3 HD2 — or on the free @Audacy app. Search for ALT 92-3 HD2 on Audacy to listen,” the company wrote.

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