What Is Restricted Mode On TikTok & How Do You Switch It Off?

Some TikTok users are frustrated after they noticed that their account has incorrectly been switched to restricted mode — but what exactly is restricted mode and how do you turn it off?

TikTok has a huge number of users who check the app every day to keep up with new trends and follow the lives of their favorite creators.

Many of these users are young teens, and to help protect them against certain types of content on the app, TikTok introduced ‘restricted mode.’

On their website, they explain: “Restricted Mode is an option at the account settings level that limits the appearance of content that may not be appropriate for all audiences.

It can also be used for anyone that wants to filter out certain types of content on the app, and can be turned on via the settings. To switch it on and off, you’ll need to enter a passcode, which allows parents to set up the filter for their child.

Restricted Mode On TikTok
TikTok is a hub of viral content.

How to switch off restricted mode on TikTok

In February 2022, some users began reporting that their accounts had suddenly and possibly incorrectly been switched to restricted mode.

If you want to disable restricted mode, do as follows:

  1. Open TikTok.
  2. Go to your profile page.
  3. Tap the three lines at the top, then click ‘Settings and privacy.’
  4. Scroll down, and click ‘Content preferences.’
  5. Select ‘Restricted mode,’ and use a passcode to turn it off.

However, as some people appear to have been affected by a glitch, it means they don’t know the passcode that allows them to turn off restricted mode.

If your account has suddenly been switched to restricted mode and you are unable to turn it off, you can contact TikTok about the issue via their official support account on Twitter.

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