Did Bobby Lashley Get Fired – Is He Leaving WWE? Details On The Wrestler

WWE superstar Bobby Lashley might face the music over his recent disciplinary action in the ring. Or is it part of Kayfabe?

It can be difficult to separate fact from kayfabe when it comes to whatever happens in the squared circle during a professional wrestling show, and there are fewer organizations wrasslin’ fans love that blend reality with fiction better than the WWE.

So when organizational decisions like the termination of talent are made into storylines during a WWE show, fans are often left wondering whether or not the dissolution of contracts are permanent. Take Bobby Lashley, for example: Was he really fired from the WWE?

Was Bobby Lashley really fired?

During an episode of Monday Night RAW, Lashley was bested by Seth Rollins for a U.S. Championship Contender match. In the aftermath of the bout, a visibly frustrated Lashley went to speak to an in-ring official, before unintentionally hitting another official Lashley didn’t know was behind him — classic pro-wrestling snafu.

It was at this time that executive Adam Pearce high-tailed it to the ring to talk to Lashley about the incident, letting him know that this type of behavior wouldn’t be tolerated in the WWE and that some form of disciplinary action would have to be taken against the heavyweight.

Bobby Lashley fired

Lashley didn’t take too kindly to the news and put his hands on Adam, culminating in his termination. Lashley was considered a threat to officials in the WWE when, a week prior to his firing, he also accidentally struck a separate employee of the company. He was let off with a warning then.

So is Bobby Lashley leaving the WWE?

Even though he was “fired” it appears that this was ultimately all part of a plot formulated by WWE writing staff. Wrestling News Co penned shortly after Lashley was let go that this was just kayfabe, which the outlet later confirmed as well.

On a follow-up , Pearce retracted his decision to let Lashley go, stating, “Despite what I said last night, Bobby Lashley is not fired.”

He added, “I formally rescind Bobby Lashley’s termination and I sincerely apologize for my part in escalating an already volatile situation,” and uploaded a formal video online delineating the circumstances behind his decision to end Bobby Lashley’s contract with the WWE.

If anything, it’s a great example of how the WWE’s using social media in order to bridge the gap between reality and in-ring kayfabe. The video is framed like an official corporate apology, with Pearce sitting in an office and taking on a professional tone.

Pearce did say in the clip that even though Lashley is still a member of the WWE, “Bobby’s repeatedly crossed the line. Last night physically accosting referees … putting his hands on me. Not to mention spearing WWE official Pete Williams last week.”

He said that “all of that behavior’s unacceptable” and that “all of it will be addressed” while apologizing for acting in the heat of the moment and attributing his firing of Lashley as a knee-jerk reaction.

So in short, no, Bobby Lashley isn’t getting fired from the WWE, but it does seem like the superstar might have an ongoing storyline involving executive Adam Pearce.

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