Hans Niemann Sues Magnus Carlsen & Hikaru For $100M Over Chess Cheating Allegations

Amid accusations against Hans Niemann for purportedly cheating during a tournament, the chess prodigy has filed a suit against his opponent and the organizers, seeking $100 million.

Chess grandmaster and Twitch streamer Hans Niemann shocked the world when he defeated five-time Chess World Champion Magnus Carlsen in the 2022 Sinquefield Cup. But that was just the start of a jaw-dropping saga of drama.

Following the loss, Carlsen made allegations that Niemann had cheated during the tournament, including suggesting that Niemann had used an adult toy to do so. This rumor seemed to be confirmed by Chess.com and was repeated by other notable chess players, including Hikaru Nakamura.

Now, Carlsen is striking back over what he considers to be false allegations.

Niemann sues Carlsen, Hikaru, and others for $100 million

The Wall Street Journal reported that Hans Niemann has filed a lawsuit naming Carlsen, Hikaru, and Chess.com. The suit alleges damages of $100 million, accusing the defendants of “slander, libel, an unlawful boycott and tortious interference with Niemann’s business.”

In a statement, Niemann’s attorneys stated “[d]efendants have destroyed Niemann’s life simply because he had the talent, dedication and audacity to defeat the so-called ‘King of Chess.’ We will hold defendants fully accountable and expose the truth.”

Magnus Carlsen Chess
Magnus Carlsen is among those named in Niemann’s lawsuit.

Other named defendants include Carlsen’s company, Play Magnus, and Chess.com’s chief chess officer Danny Rensch.

Niemann’s suit alleges that Chess.com, which was purchasing Play Magnus, conspired with Carlsen to leak their investigation. This investigation stated that Niemann had cheated in more than 100 games and had privately admitted to violating the rules of the site when he was banned.

However, the report was only regarding online play and did not make any conclusions as to whether Niemann ever cheated in over-the-board matches, though it did point out several suspicious events.

Niemann’s lawsuit alleges that the actions of the defendants have cost Niemann financially. Tournament organizers have begun to shun him, opponents are cancelling events, and Niemann cannot obtain employment as a chess teacher.

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