Who Is Anthony Davis In A Relationship With? Details About Marlen P, The Lakers Star’s Married Wife

Lakers star Anthony Davis is a happily married, but who is his new wife, Marlen P?

As one of the biggest stars in the NBA, it’s fitting that there were plenty of high-profile guests in attendance for Anthony Davis‘ wedding. Lebron James, Russell Westbrook and Jared Dudley were all there to celebrate the occasion, which was held quite recently. Amidst all the hubbub and celebrity guests, though, there were some who wanted to know more about Anthony’s new bride.

Who is Anthony Davis’ wife, Marlen P?

Since being drafted in 2012, Anthony has been a phenom in the basketball world. With all that fame comes a certain level of press scrutiny, but thus far in his career Anthony has managed to keep his love life pretty private. Anthony and Marlen P apparently got married on Sept. 182021, but he has yet to post any pictures of the wedding on Instagram.

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Marlen P also has an Instagram page, but it’s kept private. It seems that Anthony and Marlen have agreed to keep their relationship out of the public eye as much as possible. The photos that the public has seen from the wedding have come entirely from second-hand sources like basketball player Tim Frazier, who shared photos from the couple’s rehearsal dinner on Instagram.

Does Anthony Davis have a daughter?

Anthony and Marlen do share a young daughter named Nala, who Anthony has posted pictures of on his social media. He has 7.1 million followers on the platform, so he has to be very aware of what he does and doesn’t share online. The photos we have seen of Nala and Marlen suggest that Anthony has built himself a happy family when he isn’t on the court.

Does Anthony Davis have a twin sister?

Anthony Davis has built himself a beautiful family, but he had a companion from basically the minute he was born. As it turns out, Anthony has a twin sister named Antoinette, and he also has an older sister named Iesha. Antoinette and Iesha make frequent appearances on his Instagram page, and it seems clear that while he’s intent on keeping his relationship private, his love for his sisters is something he’s much more comfortable posting about.

Unlike Anthony, Antoinette is not a public figure, and like Marlen P, her Instagram account is currently set to private. On Anthony’s Instagram, though, he’s said that Antoinette is his “other half,” suggesting that the two have a very close relationship. Although Anthony now stands at 6′ 10″, which is tall even by NBA standards, Antoinette is more than a foot shorter than he is.

Anthony’s parents, Anthony Davis Sr. and Erainer, are both tall as well. His father is 6′ 4″ and his mother is 6′ 1″. Anthony’s size is part of what’s made him a star in the NBA, and it seems he’s come from a strong gene pool in that regard. His daughter is still growing, so we won’t know for years whether she wound up inheriting her father’s height genes. Regardless of how tall she is, though, she seems to have two parents who love her and each other.

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