Who Is Yassine Bounou? The Goalkeeper’s Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Children, Wiki, Bio, Age, Kids, More

Sorry, fans — Moroccan goalkeeper Yassine Bounou is not on the dating market.

Folks with a deep affinity for soccer — or football, as international sports fans call it — are likely familiar with the name Yassine Bounou, aka “Bono.” The Moroccan goalkeeper recently went viral during the 2022 World Cup after saving three penalty kicks against Spain during Round 16. As a result, Morocco won the match.

Now that the 31-year-old has been casted in the spotlight due to his athletic wins, fans want to learn more about the star — in particular, his marital status. So, who is Yassine Bounou’s wife? Get comfortable as we give you the deets on his main squeeze.

Yassine Bounou and his wife, Imane Khb

Yassine Bounou is married to a woman named Imane Khb.

Although there may be tons of interested parties hoping for a chance to date Yassine, the goalkeeper is unfortunately not on the market.

OhMyFootball shares that Yassine is currently married to a woman named Imane Khb. It’s unknown when Yassine and Imane decided to tie the knot, but the outlet shares that they’ve been an item since 2016.

The pair also shares a son, 2-year-old Issac, who was born in August 2020.

According to WikiofCelebs, the 30-year-old is a social media influencer and currently has nearly 175,000 followers on Instagram. The beauty shares gorgeous shots on the platform, along with lifestyle and fashion content.

Yassine Bounou, his wife, Imane Khb, and their son, Issac

Interestingly, Imane only has a few images of herself and Yassine on her Instagram page. However, she does frequently post photos of herself supporting the goalkeeper at his games.

Aside from Imane being married to Yassine, very little is known about her personal life.

While some wives of athletes make it a point to be very open with all aspects of their life, Imane is more partial to privacy.

Although she’s open about having a child and being married to Yassine, there isn’t much detail known about her private life. For starters, the identity of Imane’s father remain unknown — even though she does have a picture of her parents on Instagram.

As for Imane’s mother, her name is Saida Ahchouche.

As for Imane’s education, not much is known about her academic achievements. All that is public knowledge is that Imane is Moroccan-born, so it can be assumed that she completed her studies in the country.

And while Yassine does have a handsome net worth — $4 million to be exact, per WikiofCelebs — Imane’s net worth also remains a mystery.

It’s clear that Imane prefers to keep certain aspects of her life out of the public eye, but it’s definitely apparent that she and Yassine are locked in for the long haul.

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